Wildlife Praine Park

Have you ever experienced falling in love at first sight? All the thrills that the Wildlife Praine Park offers you will make you feel the same. That is what will happen to you as you enter a 2,000-acre zoo with 150+ animals in a natural setting with hiking, biking, fishing, lodging & train. Imagine all of it on the campus filled with wildlife and mesmerizing. Wildlife Prairie Park is officially dedicated to Hazel & Bill Rutherford Wildlife Prairie Park. This park is located in Peoria County, Illinois, in central Illinois in a natural environment.





  1. The Adventure – This place is a hidden gem. As you begin to explore the wildlife you will know this place is a jewel in North American Midwest. Wildlife Prairie Park is home to 60 different species and 150+ animals that all are native to the area. Imagine walking by wolves, bison, waterfowl, black bears, elk, cougars, otters, badgers, snakes, bobcats, and more! This place is a treat in all seasons of the year, the magnificent natural landscapes, natural wildlife viewing will leave you in awe.


  1. Stay in the wild – Imagine waking up to a long green open field from a luxurious room. You will be amazed by your interaction with the wildlife when you realize the only distance between you and them is just the cabin’s wall. Enjoy your stay at this unique lodging accommodation in the serene cabin on the Hil. Remember to bring along your equipment while booking your stay for adventures like fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking, native animal trails, and more that are included in your stay.



  1. Event – You will be surprised to know Wildlife Praine Park offers meeting and conference space for 50 to 250 people. Go on further to book catering for dinner and win the heart of your guest. The wildlife park offers you a social, corporate, or community organized event.





  • This Park won the Best of Peoria 2020 awards.
  • Founder William Rutherford was an attorney by trade and had never planned on developing a nationally recognized park at the age of 60.
  • Initially, the park was opened 6 weeks in 1977 in regards to Mrs. Hazel Rutherford’s birthday. Then officially opened its gates to the public in 1978.



Activities –  If you are going along with your kids remember to take them to the cool slide for fun. Enjoy the great fall getaway near apple orchards and other fun fall activities around. The Prairie Zephyr Train starts in April to take you on a relaxing and informative ride on two different loops through the quiet forests.


What to expect: Wildlife Praine Park is open 9 am to 4.30 pm in winters from Monday to Sunday. You can also help to contribute food and medical care for animals via donations. If you are thinking of a unique gift idea do check out the park’s online store to get amazing items for your loved ones.




Plan your visit: Remember to wear your mask, carry a sanitizer and maintain social distancing in the park as per the covid guidelines. Wildlife Praine Park offers different programs daily and events throughout the months for visitors. Plan your visit accordingly and enjoy your trek.


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