The National Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum is a non-profit permanent educational institution in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Created to preserve sources of information and promote culture, this museum is related to the American Civil War of 1861. Opened for the public in 2001, the museum attracts thousands of tourists annually. A vast collection of original artifacts including camp weapons and personal effects, uniforms, and many more such items are on display here.


Exhibition of museum

The museum’s exhibit is designed to tell the full story of the American Civil War between 1861-1865. These exhibits have more than 24000 artifacts, documents, photographs, manuscripts, and other printed material, which is quite amazing to see. Of the approximately thirty-five hundred items of artwork, 850 are on display in the building’s permanent galleries. You too can plan a visit to this vast collection.

Events of this museum

 The programs and events that take place here are worth seeing and are organized over the years. Check out the Civil War dance classes held in January at the museum and history speaker series lessons with Pete Miele. Listen to the presentation of the history 202 lessons by author David O. Stewart. Apart from this, wedding parties, birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, etc. are also celebrated.

Collections of The National civil war museum

You will be amazed to see 21000 epigraphic pieces and more than 4400 three-dimensional artifacts in the vast collection of the museum. Here you will find everything from President Abraham Lincoln to General Robert E. Lee Many artifacts of famous personalities of the war are seen. Look for Civil War editions in the library. Also find regimental histories in the 3000-volume section, books on many Civil War topics, and soldiers, biographies, and union-run books.


  1. The Union Veterans of the Civil War and the legal successor to the Grand Army of the Republic serve as the national headquarters for the museum.
  2. The museum has published a book about Union General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, one of several planned books.


Activities:- The only museum in the United States that presents a fair and balanced look at the Civil War, this National Civil War Museum is quite an adventure to visit. See the full view of the museum where you can see a 0.4-kilometer underground passage, dollhouse museum, gift shop, artifacts, guns, and war materials. Lots to hear, see and read here so spend your valuable time here. Check out the exhibits that change each year, including Civil War flags of the past, the role of women in the war, the war, and children and Buffalo Soldiers.

What to expect:-Perched on top of a hill in a park in Pennsylvania, the museum provides visitors with a detailed look at the war. While coming here you can see various artifacts related to war like knives, guns, and uniforms from both the opposing armies, and also enjoy events, festivals, and family gatherings and get-togethers in the museum. This museum offers entertainment for all age groups.

Plan to visit:- Make sure to visit this wonderful museum in Harrisburg with your family, friends, and kids. Here you can learn a lot of information and things. It remains open throughout the year for its guests. You can enter the museum from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and from 12:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sundays. Admission is free for children under 5, $13 for 6 to 17, $15 for youth, and $14 for those over 65.

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