Loess Hills Lavender Farm

Are you a nature lover and skin-care person, or plans your next trip to the Loess Hills? Here in Lowa, Loess Hills Lavender Farm is one of the most famous tranquil places, situated in the lavender fields, which feature natural scenery and a captivating aroma to feel fresh. The lavender fields provide photographic opportunities for those who want to interpret nature. The farm makes many handmade products, like bath, beauty or body care products, and perfumes of lavenders, and offers shopping from the craft shops of the area. Loess Hills Lavender Fields are the best for avid gardeners to learn planting directions and the growing process, offering many butterflies galore around the flowers. Have a little adventure on the hillside lavender farm that welcomes guests to enjoy fresh scents of lavender, purchase plants, and buy craft items and lavender products. The farm provides breathtaking fields and outdoor spaces to exchange vows in a scenic wedding venue.


Beautiful Lavender Fields

The lavender fields are beautiful landscapes to stroll around and allow you to enjoy a heavenly piece of natural beauty. In summer, the lavender fields are at their peak bloom, and you can enjoy cutting lavender bundles and wonderful mounds of flowers to explore. Buy a small lavender plant to take home and decorate with other flowers. There is native grass, wildflowers, and majestic peace to feel in the rural area.

Event venue

 The Lavender Farm has an outdoor pergola for special events and wedding venues to provide unforgettable memories on special occasions. The farm hosts perfect exposure for outdoor lovers and indoor shows with seating areas to sit and enjoy marvelous vistas. There are many spaces for small family reunions, receptions, and weddings. Enjoy live music and walk along the lavender fields.

Lavender Products Shop

The farm made dozens of beauty products of lavender to offer freshness and scent of the lavender every day. The products include bath and skin care items developed with lots of experiments and offering the best to you. The farm also made lavender drinks, tea, lemonade, and lavender cookies. Believe it or not! The farm serves lavender ice cream as well to the guests.


  1. Loess Hills Lavender Farm is a family-owned farm in Loess.
  2. The Lavender Farm made lots of beauty and food products from lavender.

Activities: – In the heart of Loess Hills, the lavender farm is a unique landform that provides a world-class experience to visitors, offering lavender fields, bath and beauty products, and beautiful views. The farm has plenty of indoor tables and outdoor spaces to host classy events and wedding venues. Explore how a lavender plant grows and blooms. Enjoy the harvesting of lavender and a delightful lunch on the hillside. Take a scenic walk around the fields and buy homemade items and gifts for your partner. The farm offers many products to drink and eat as snacks.

What to expect: – As the Lavender Farm name shows that it is home to lavender, the farm has awe-inspiring herbs of Loess Hills. You can attend a craft class and live events held at the farm. There are numerous lavender products, such as bath and skin care, drinks, snacks, and ice cream to eat. Rent the entire farm for special ceremonies and a wedding venue for outdoor fun and recreation in the nature and alluring aroma of lavender. Stroll through the fields, and see picturesque views of lavender. Come to harvest lavender when it blooms!

Plan your visit: – Loess Hills Lavender Farm is open to the public from 11 am to 5 pm on Wednesday to Saturday, 1-5 pm on Sunday, and closes on Monday- Tuesday. Cut your bouquet and buy lavender plants for long-lasting memories of the farm. Feel the scent of lavender mixed in the breeze! Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of lavender!

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