The moment you walk towards Lincoln Home National Historic Site you will realize that this place contributes more than a residence. You will be surprised to see that the entire neighborhood of 4 blocks is maintained in memories of lincoln. The friendly and comfortable atmosphere around the block resonates with the 19th century. Lincoln’s Home National Historic Site was Constructed in 1839, Abraham and Mary Lincoln lived here from 1844 to the time he moved into The White House in early 1861. The location of the house is at 413 South Eighth Street, Springfield, Illinois.



Rare is the personality with whom you can relate so deep that you like to notice each refinement of this place.  Lincoln’s house is maintained with the original furniture owned and used by Lincoln and his family. You will love to observe the recreation of the 1860’s house. This place exhibits much about Lincoln as a husband, father, neighbor, and politician. From original furniture to paintings, every item is placed at the exact spot inspired by the sketch that was made of the house back then. You feel Lincoln’s presence through is a lifestyle and will be left mesmerized by the simplicity of this two-story house.


Near Lincoln’s home part of a meticulously maintained four-block area that recreates Springfield in the time he practiced law and served in the legislature. It will feel amazing for you to walk on the boardwalk. The streets are very well kept, and those two wooden wagons, ‘parked’ on the way will recreate the looks of the 1800s.


There is a backstory to the decision of how this home was maintained and made free to visit for everyone in the world. Lincoln House was donated to the State of Illinois by his son, Robert Todd Lincoln, and it was donated on several conditions one of which was it would be maintained forever. It was also mentioned that public access to the house would be free Tours of this national treasure are conducted by National Park Service Rangers. Both these conditions were accepted.


  • Lincoln Home National Historic Site is amongst one of the best national park sites in 423 sites in the US.
  • This place is maintained by Management National Park Service.
  • Lincoln’s home is the only home he ever owned in his entire life.



Guided tours are available at this place, the guides are friendly and knowledgeable. Lincoln Home is temporarily closed as per the latest Covid guidelines. You can still enjoy roaming around in the block. You will find the places open available routinely throughout the day (in non-covid times), guided tours, and tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Both of the services are free of cost.



Browse into the top cafes and restaurants nearby Lincoln’s Home. They all offer delicious food. After your walk in Lincoln’s block is over, you can also visiting other famous places nearby Illinois State Museum, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lincoln Tomb & War Memorial Dana-Thomas House, and other famous attractions.


As per the latest guideline please carry a mask. When you plan to visit a park, remember to check the park website to determine its current operating status. For fresh updates about this place related to COVID-19, including safety information, please follow

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