Honor Heights Park

Get ready to have some fresh air and the aroma of the famous botanical garden in “Honor Heights Park”. Honor Heights is a public Park located at North Honor Heights Drive, Muskogee, Oklahoma. This 132-acre garden and arboretum are considered by many to be the centerpiece of the town of Muskogee.


Come to this attractive green space and walk through the scenic trails, enjoy fishing in the lakes and ponds. To keep you entertained there are several playgrounds, butterfly houses, and tennis courts. When you feel hungry after exploring this place you can enjoy the meal in the picnic areas.

Purchase the gifts from the gift shop located inside the park. They also offer event reservations for private functions.



  1. Flaura and Fauna – Break your sedentary lifestyle, move out to this beautiful park in Muskogee. Going to Honor Heights will break your daily schedule and will be a boost to your physical activity and fitness. The moment you enter Honor Heights you will breathe fresh air because of the green surroundings. It is high time to get away from the stuff air-conditioned room to be in an open environment. You will also get a chance to get more likes and comment on your social media. The flowers and garden here are so well maintained that they will light up your pictures full of colors.


  1. Slides and Butterfly House – There can be nothing more exciting to connect with kids, this feeling alone offers immense satisfaction. Honor Height park has a lot of activities lined up for them. As you relax and enjoy your time here, you will be happier when you see them running around in a safe environment. There plenty of slides and play areas for them to have a great time. Remember to stop by the butterfly house at the honors heights. Papillion is home to approximately 300 native butterflies. The best time to visit this place is from Mid-May to the end of September.


  1. Picnic and recreation time – Have you been browsing for a place for a family outing? There are endless benefits of spending time with your loved ones on a picnic. It helps improves one’s mental health, increase bonding, and improve behavior. As picnic often happens in a warm environment it provides you with perfect space to also connect with your friends and colleague. One of the best times to know what is going on in their life. Honor Heights is designed to spend a great time with yourself. This park provides you enough space to meditate, self-muse, or sit in peace to dwell on your creativity.



  1. The park is operated by the City of Muskogee.
  2. Not only park it is also a historic site Five Civilized Tribes Museum


Activities: Stroll through the famous three trails of Honor Heights Park. You will also get opportunities for different activities such as fishing from the shore or fishing docks, play games in the playground and splash pad, kids can access the open play areas and tennis. Other than this there are several gardens to witness and move around.


Plan your visit: Best time to visit this place is when it coincides with one of the seasonal events held in the park. In this way, you can explore it in the finest possible way and enjoy it the most. Come here in any season of the year entry to this public park is free.


What to Expect: It is a picturesque place where you can gaze at the beautiful spots. Many events are organized throughout the year so you can explore them to the finest. Various varieties of plants, trees, and flowers can be seen here.

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