Black Rock Beach

Visit the Kaanapali Beach which is a 3 mile-long stretch of white sand located on the western shore of Maui. It is considered one of the best beaches in the world. At the north end of Kaanapali Beach, you can experience a great place to cliff jump and snorkel in Hawaii. Black Rock Beach is now most popular among the younger generation as a leaping-off point to enjoy in the ocean. Black Rock Beach has an interesting story; ancient Hawaiian believed that Black Rock was the place where spirits went to jump off to join ancestors forever. Snorkeling and diving around this point is an excellent and popular spot for cliff jumpers on the south side of Black Rock. Black Rock Beach is a beautiful beach with lively marine life and millions of gallons of water to explore. It is a hidden treasure with the opportunity to see waterfalls, greenery, and winding roads on the way. Every evening at sunset, a cliff diver lights the Black Rock torches before jumping into the ocean to commemorate the achievements of the last chief of Maui.


Black Rock

Black Rock is a prominent rocky peninsula to explore. It is a popular spot for snorkeling and cliff jumping at the north end of the beach with great ocean clean water and white sand. Black Rock provides a perfect experience of a family picnic. Experience Sheraton Maui Resort which sits on the top of Black Rock.

Kaanapali Beach

Black Rock divides Kaanapali Beach in half and offers crystal clear water to experience swimming and cliff diving. Enjoy the royally evening walk at the beach with beautiful tropical sunset over the ocean, breath-taking coastline, lovely scenery, and zip line adventure. Explore the Island’s gems such as lovely hotels and restaurants, bars, and shops.

Black Rock Marine Life

Watch fishes while snorkeling at the Black Rock. There are several species of fish to witness that include butterfly fish, parrotfish, damsel fish, Moorish idol, tang, box fish, cardinal fish, perch, trigger fish and many more. There is plenty of cornet fish, needle fish, turtles, crustaceans, and invertebrates to observe.



  1. Black Rock Beach is named after the big black rock.
  2. Everyday torch-lighting ceremony takes place at the time of sunset.


Black Rock Beach is a magnificent beach of soft sand and glass-clear water. It is just the perfect place for first-time snorkeling and to enjoy the underwater world, scuba diving, swimming, and cliff jumping. There is plenty of wildlife found near rocks from tropical fish to turtles. Enjoy the beach walk, resort, restaurants, entertainment options, and photography. It offers water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing, and jet skis.


What to Expect

Black Rock is the perfect destination for vacations. You may spot several corals, colorful fishes, and turtles swimming next to the rock. Enjoy the stunning sunset and evening walk on the sandy beach. Experience cliff jumping, snorkeling, and diving at Black Rock. You can also enjoy a daily torch-lighting ceremony at sunset. Explore the marine life and surfing at the beach.


Plan your Visit

Black Rock is a gorgeous stretch of beach that is easily accessible. Take advantage of a visit with brilliant aquamarine life and amazing snorkeling! Black Rock is a great place for fun with activities.

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