Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, West Wyoming, is known for its beautiful summer flowers and lush gardens. Whenever you come here, definitely bring cameras with you so that you can click pictures to take away to remember the exciting scenes for a lifetime. There is the park's rest station, fishing, and a boat ramp that are at full service to visitors.

Hot Springs State Park is West Wyoming’s first state park. This park is a popular destination for its tourists. Spread over an 1108 acre site at an elevation of 4363 feet above sea level, this state park is the center of public recreation in Thermopolis, West Wyoming. Known for its hot springs, the area attracts thousands of tourists each year.



  • State park’s Mineral Hot Spring: – The colorful terrace of Hot Springs State Park is home to the world’s most famous ‘Mineral Hot Springs. Water flows round the clock at a temperature of 128 degrees Fahrenheit that is used for medical use. The Mineral Hot Spring is open to visitors year-round at no charge. The state park’s Mineral Hot Spring can be publicly used. This is also known as ‘Healing Water’.


  • Hot Springs State Park’s Bison herd: – It is truly unique to see a ‘Herd of Bison’ sitting in your vehicle in the State Park. This Herd of Bison has settled in this park since 1916. The health of Bison is also insured which is fed daily at 8:30 am during the winter season. This park of Thermopolis is very amazing and one of the all-state parks so far. These Bison Herds do well to move freely within the pasture clusters here.


  • Hot Springs State park’s White Waterfall: – Along with the White waterfall, this park is a symbol of its beauty. There is no charge for the guests coming here to get drenched in this comfortable and beautiful waterfall. It is closed on holidays in winter and opens for tourists till 5:30 pm in summer. Three large group picnic shelters are also in this park with the beautiful reservoir group being one of the main attractions.



  • Hot Spring State Park’s hot spring has a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit with healing properties.
  • The State Park has a ‘Bighorn River’ with a beautiful bridge over it. This bridge is called ‘Swinging Bridge’.


Activities: – Hot Spring State Park is the largest mineral, oil, and hot spring park in the world. There are many unique things to see in this park-like State Park, Hot Spring Geyser, black bear cafe, one-eyed buffalo, and Water Park. The park has the Historical Museum, Wind River Canyon, Swinging Bridge, State Park, Children’s Museum, and the Wyoming Dinosaur Center which is quite amazing. There is so much to learn here for people of all ages. There are a lot of great things to do in this park for kids too. Living in the shade of trees and walking on the trail is a pleasant feeling here.


What to expect: – This Park is the best place to make your vacation comfortable and memorable with beautiful trees, peaceful surroundings, and nice people. The spectacular view of the hot bridge of the State Park is made on sight. The school has a water slide, fish pond, cafe, and picnic table for children. The beautiful view of the Spring Bridge and hot bridge here fills the mind of tourists with happiness.


Plan to visit: – It is very exciting to visit Hot Spring State Park in Thermopolis, West Wyoming. This state park is open to tourists seven days a week. During your visit, enjoy the hot spring, beautiful natural environment, river fishing, and historical museum. In any season, there is a lot of exciting and amazing scenery present for the tourists. Make your holiday memorable by coming here.


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