Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point spots the views of the Death Valley National Park, a prominent figure of Pacific coast borax company. While gazing beyond the badlands, the views from Zabriskie Point of the Death Valley are at a visible distance. The most featured point from Zabriskie Point is Manly Beacon. This view of the high point is to an elevation of 823 ft. And is most magnificent during the times of sunrise and sunset. The viewpoint is at just 15 mints drive on east highway 190 from Furnace Creek center and easy availability of parking facility. It's also a most interesting hiking point and hiking distance varies depending upon the route you choose for Zabriskie Point.


Twenty-mule Team Canyon

Twenty-mule team canyon is the best place for visitors who are interested to explore roller-coasters. The road extends over a distance of 2.5 miles over and around the yellow hills. This is the most famous attraction of Zabriskie point, which offers the most spectacular scenery and views of Death Valley. If you are planning to head out a plan to Zabriskie Point, Death Valley do check out the current weather and climatic conditions and make the best out of your trip.

Golden Canyon

As the name explains the whole meaning of Golden Canyon, that there’s gold in these hills. Gold is not in the form of metal but incredibly the canyon walls reflect yellow coloration. Almost all hikers approximately come up that the hike is 2 miles and 3-foot rock scramble. Golden canyon also offers other hiking glimpses including towering walls, colorful side canyons colorations, and ripped formed by ancient water, and even more. Check out more for the Golden Canyon tour.

Park Air Profiles

Mostly the visitors come to Park Air Reyes to enjoy the views of the coast from the steep-ridged peninsula. The best views are during the winter season when the natural fog acts as a blanket for the seashore. This natural park actually works to let people understand the adverse effects of air pollution on Point Reyes and other parks. Still, the management works hard to clear out the visibility and try to reach the clean air act goal.


  • Zabriskie Point is at an elevation of 823 ft. on the east highway.
  • From Death Valley, Zabriskie Point is the most photographed spot.


After learning about the attractive spots near and around Zabriskie Point one must also know that this spot is the most photographed viewpoint and a busy sunset point. From entertainment activities to parking areas, uphill roads to canyon walls everything is clean and up to the mark. This signifies that the government and management are out there with a motto of complete cleanliness. Be sure to read a lot more about the spot once before visiting.

What to expect:

At Zabriskie Point, curves and cliffs of orange, brown, and yellow color all together make it a dramatic land from all directions. You were expecting to be impressed by the place, my personal experience is that I was blown away by seeing the beauty of the place. The dramatic outline of this peak point is also used as a filming location as it gives a feel and looks like that of another planet.

Plan your trip:

Trip to Zabriskie point in summers when sun through its rays gives the best view. The sun makes a high-class view of contract shadows that attract people to Death Valley National Park and make the best holiday trip for you and your family

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