Provo City Center Utah Temple

Provo City Center Utah Temple belongs to Jesus Christ in the city of Provo, Utah. In 2016, the temple allows utilizing its external area of the original building after the fire incident of December 2010. After the construction of this temple, the total number of temples crossed 166, and the number of temples in Utah to 16. Thus, making Provo is the second city to have two temples first is South Jordan Utah with Jordan river and the second is Provo city Center, Utah Temple. The construction of this temple is stood upon the place where Provo Tabernacle was. Initially, which was used for cultural events and church meetings. The statue of angel Moroni was mounted on the top of the temple due to some historical importance.



  • BYU Museum of Art: Brigham Young University Museum of Art is a community of great scholars and artists working with discipline. Here the students are focused to develop and pushed towards experiment with the concepts of art to be further fluent in the field of tradition and teaching.


  • BYU Life Science Museum: The BYU’S Life Science Museum features life and a huge collection of mammals, birds, fishes, plants, shells, insects, and reptiles. The life science museum deals in programs that include Live animal shows, Animal Safaris, and Nature experiences. All these programs and live sessions are done for educational purposes as it allows visitors to experience the nature in real.



  • Downtown Provo: Downtown Provo District is spread over an area of 25 acres in Provo, Utah. This district is sectioned into 4 blocks and one and a half blocks of University Avenue. All the buildings are very old and were constructed during the year 1880 to 1930. Out of these buildings, some are reserved for contributory purposes and some of them have significant importance.



  • The Provo City Temple is constructed over the space of Provo Tabernacle.
  • The Temple has approximately 295 cars parking area near it.



As the name suggests that Provo is a temple and one can get to know about the history and culture out there. Fun activities are comparatively less and one can enjoy amazing food at the restaurants nearby the temple.



What to Expect:

Whenever you plan for a trip to Provo city Temple, it is open for all living ordinances and Limited proxy ordinances. Being a historical place, one cannot expect any recreational activities there. But the place is really beautiful in itself to enjoy and capture.


Plan your Visit:

If you are planning for a visit to Provo City do Visit the famous Provo City Center Temple there. Also, hire a guide to know the things better there and the flight charges for Provo City are $179 and one can get the best deals out if you book tickets in advance.

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