Locomotive Park

Have you ever been to locomotive Park? It is a great choice to have a vacation with family and friends. It is a creative destination to celebrate Christmas and New Year Day. At the North entrance of historic Lewiston, Idaho, the park is located on main street 2102 downtown. Locomotive Park is blessed with the most magnificent train, display, great food, and drinks. Locomotive Park has one of the best ranks in the country for its annual historical Winter Spirit display that is fully decorated for the winter holidays. The park is a little crowded on weekends, yet spectacular, especially wonder-filled around the Christmas holiday season each year. Lewiston’s community and visitors appreciate the park and support with donations and day-service to volunteer to take down the lights. Park’s snow and sparkling lights inspire everyone’s soul. Locomotive Park is the center of various pretty penguin dancing, best photography scenes, and walks along magical lighted paths to enjoy a fantastic evening.


Holiday Lights Display

Locomotive Park is home to a classy and outstanding Holiday Light Show that is free of cost for visitors. There are plenty of massive displays for an impressive visit with truly incredible scenery of millions of multi-colored lights. In Holiday Spirit, the antique engine, a giant fireplace, and caboose all are pretty fascinating to witness.

Winter Spirit

Winter Spirit is an annual event held in Lewiston from December to New Year Day. Winter Spirit is an annual tradition for both locals and visitors. When the Winter Spirit Event is held the whole park glows with bright lights, special decoration, cute benches, and a stunning fireplace. Turn on your humor with music, dance, and lights to have real fun.

Historic Steam Locomotive

A historic steam locomotive, Engine 92 that purchased by the city of Lewiston to display at the park. This curio engine is the kid’s favorite locomotive to climb and ring the bell. Engine 92 holds dramatic history and culture to explore. Learn the history and admire the beautiful design of the locomotive. The steam engine is covered with lots of lights at special events.



  1. Locomotive Park was started by the city of Lewiston after purchasing retired Engine 92.
  2. Engine 92 is a historic steam-powered locomotive.


With thousands of lights, animated figures, and lighted trees that invent magic in Christmas Spirit, Locomotive Park becomes winter dreamland. The presence at this place looks like a lighting ceremony every day. Winter Spirit event, majestic steam engine, fireplace, and magical colorful lights display are main highlights of the park. Experience the charming aura of the park with singing, hot chocolates, attractive trees, dancing on the decorated floor, and celebration of holidays at the park. Bring your camera or drone for spectacular views of the park and new downtown Lewiston.


What to Expect

Locomotive Park is popular for an annual Winter Spirit event. You can enjoy strolling through the park, delicious foods, music, and night at the locomotive with tons of beautiful lights, admiring weather, and artful moose benches. Explore holiday lights, a toasty fireplace, and the beauty of the Christmas light display. You can learn about the culture of the area and the history of its steam engine. Come with your Christmas wish list and make your holiday special.


Plan Your Visit

Locomotive Park opens daily for family gatherings out of the trip. The timings of the park are 6 am to 12 pm daily. Enjoy awe-inspiring music, a Holiday Light display, and a picturesque locomotive engine at the park. The powdery snow covers trees and ground which makes the park more wondrous. Winter Spirit event is a musical marvel with exciting eye-catching lighting effects for comers that shouldn’t be missed.

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