Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock state park

Chimney rock state park is a North Carolina state park in Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, North Carolina. The destination is spread over an area of 8,014-acre. In addition to this, there is a 32.43 km park located in an area of 40 km in the southeast direction of Asheville, North Carolina. The property is owned and managed by the state of North Carolina. The park specializes in hiking trails for all skills and age levels, a 404-foot waterfall, and Hickory Nut Falls. Its most notable feature is a granite monolith named Chimney Rock with dimensions of 315-foot which is facilitated with elevators and provides view of the park and surrounding countryside.


  1. Animal Encounter: Animals encounter is the most knowledge-giving attraction of the destination. Join Chimney Rock Park naturalists to meet some of the resident Animal Ambassadors of Chimney rock state park, lake Lure, North Carolina. All the participants will get a chance to learn what kind of wildlife inhabits the Park has and their important role in the ecosystem.


  1. Rock climbing: Rock climbing at Moore’s Wall at Chimney Rock State Park offers a variety of single-pitch and multi-pitch trad routes of all difficulty levels according to the age group. Moore’s Wall is well-known for steep, exposed climbs specified with large bucket-like holds. In addition to Rock climbing, bouldering, and rappelling are also allowed at Chimney Rock State Park.


  1. Elevator Tunnel: The elevator tunnel is a 30 seconds ride that gives access from the parking lot to the sky lounge. Also, individuals can exit the bridge to check out the glimpses of 75 miles long Lake Lure and Blue Ridge Foothills. Chimney Rock is a few yards away and the tunnel is easily accessible from the top parking lot.



Chimney Rock is a 535-million-year-old monolith.

The destination is considered to be the most iconic site in North Carolina.


Adventure and activities at Chimney Rock State Park range from mild ones to major ones. One can enjoy the ambiance and panoramic views of Nature as well as encounter animals and do adventurous activities. Camp bone fire, and rock-climbing steep fall trailing come in the most famous activities at Chimney rock Park near Lake Lure in North Carolina.

What you expect

There is a Hickory Nut Falls trail which is 1.4 miles round trip. The approximate time requires to cover the distance is one hour. It is a famous picnic spot for the locals as the destination facilitates individuals with picnic benches and resting areas to relax, breathe, exercise, and enjoy the ambiance of Mother nature.

With ample opportunities and activities, one gets a lot to learn from the attractions of Chimney Rock. Individual’s experience with Chimney Rock is assured to be an extraordinary one. The people who visit there never forget their trip to Chimney Rock State Park.

Plan your visit

A visit to Chimney Rock State Park is no less than a dream come true, as to just walk in the woods and experience an extraordinary view. It is a state park for nature lovers in combination with magnificent views and animal encounters as well as hiking trails. $17 is the entry ticket price for this destination. Whereas the best time to visit Chimney rock is between June and October.

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