Robert Frost Farm State Historic Site

Robert Frost Farm State Historical Site is a state park located in Derry, New Hampshire, USA that is used as a historic house museum. Supported by the Bureau of Historic Places, the Department of Cultural Resources, Frost Farm Trusts, and the Department of Natural Resources, this National His-toric Site has almost everything you need, including performances, excursions, and poetry readings. This historical site of the USA attracts millions of people every year.



Natural areas of Farm State Historic Site

The farm estate welcomes tourist with a lush green and serene environment. Enjoy walking and gazing at the tall and shady oak trees and long trails. Colorful flowering plants and colorful shrubs add to the beauty of the place during the day. Hyla brook, flat terrain, and green meadows, rocks, etc. are in the historic site which looks quite attractive.

Events of Historic Sites

 Many events can be viewed at the Frost Farm Historic Site. The Hyla Brook Reading Series brings together people in a community to listen and read poems and stories written by poet Robert Frost. The Frost Farm Poetry Convention and Prize is specially organized. Apart from this, here you can see many events like conferences, awards, and workshops. See also Robert Frost’s presentation of Light and Dark here.

Robert Frost Historic site trails

It’s great fun to walk the short 0.8-kilometer trail in the cool October weather with lots of autumn foliage. Take a walk here with the help of a wooden bridge and a Bubbling Brook. However, this easy route becomes slippery during the rainy season. But seeing this historical site while walking on these trails makes it a good experience to roam here in a calm environment.


  1. Established in 1884, this form is a two-story clapboard and attached site.
  2. The famous poem ‘Home Burial’ by Robert Frost is related to the stairs of this house.

Activities:- This place is quite popular as the home of poet Robert Frost and as a favorite historical site among the people. Tourists come here with Robert Frost as their quintessential guide and learn about his stories and poems. This 2-story building is quite beautiful and everything here is related to Robert Frost. By coming here you get to see everything. It is also perfect from a natural point of view. Events, places to visit, and much more are here.

What to expect:-At the Robert Frost Farm site, the whole family, even young children, can enjoy the historic site while strolling the quiet trails here. Enjoy lunch outside at picnic tables on lots of green grass. Here you can also see the architecture of the house where in Frost’s kitchen you can read poems written by Robert Frost by sitting near the wood stove till late at night. As a state park, you get to see everything you would expect during a 45-minute tour inside the site.

Plan to visit:– Make sure to visit this historical site with your family, kids, and friends. Here you can have a lot of fun in the barn and in the field. It is open to tourists throughout the year. You can enter here from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The entrance fee for local tourists is $4 for those aged 18 to 64, the rest is free for all ages. Children under 6 are free for non-local visitors, $3 for ages 6 to 17, $5 for ages 18 to 64, and $5 for anyone over 65.

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