Lotz House Museum

The Lotz House Museum is a two-story building 1976 located in the central town of Franklin, Tennessee. The significance of the Museum is that it is a part of the American Civil War, being at the epicenter of the Battle of Franklin. The people of Lotz ran away through the street to the Carter House, and two families hid in Carter's basement. All of this was witnessed as a five-hour battle. The battle of Lotz House Museum is considered one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, with 10,000 people dead. In the year 2008, the Lotz House Museum was open to the public as a non-profit foundation and a historical museum.


Guided tours

Take a guided tour through the historic Lotz House Museum, from the expert guides who will personalize the tour according to your budget and interests. Guided tours are always better and the experience of such tours is totally different. With the help of the guide, individuals can learn about the historic house, the history of the Civil War, as well as the harm done to the museum during the war.

Walking Battlefield Tour

Historian and an expert on Civil War history, Thomas Y. Cartwright will lead you on the whole tour. He will take you through the historic battlefields of the Battle of Franklin.  In addition, the expert will let you know about the Civil War and offer you knowledge about the special weapons used during the time of the Civil War.

Private Cellar Tour

If you have a keen interest in war and old times, make a private reservation in advance to see the historic cellar of the Lotz House Museum, the Lotz family home. The Procedure of the Reservations for this tour includes an exploration led by Seth Breon. A group must come on time to dig up artifacts. Getting detailed information about each artifact, an individual or group needs time.


  • The Lotz House Museum has registered as National Historical Building in 1976.
  • The Lotz House Museum has owned by J.T. and Susan Andrews Thompson.


Lotz House Museum, Franklin, Tennessee is known for its vibrant live music shows, lively festivals, and historic main street. Franklin in Tennessee is rich farmland, a 16-block district choreographed with antique shops, fashion boutiques, art galleries, historic homes, performance venues, and award-winning restaurants.

What you Expect

Admire the creativity of Johann Lotz and the finest and antique collection of Civil War times in the South. In Lotz’s house, one can still see damage from the five hours of fighting during the civil war. For ease, one can hire a guide for a tour of the remarkable Lotz House Museum.

Plan your Visit

Check out the availability and plan a visit to Lotz House Museum in Tennessee. Visitors can see the things of Civil War times, known as a historic site in Franklin. A tour of this place with a guide will always be worth every penny. Entry ticket to Lotz House Museum is approximately 12$ for 30 minutes to 1 hour of the visit.

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