In the heart of Downtown Buffalo, the Canalside is a picturesque spot for locals and worldwide tourists throughout the year to come for playing and seeing the breathtaking waterfront of the area. The Canalside of the City has many outdoor winter activities, summer camps, and recreational events. Canalside is complete fun with children’s games, restaurants, and more to experience. The canal was completed in 1825 and used for passenger and commercial activities, created for making short distances, and the creation of an aligned canal system. Canalside features a 19th-century pavilion, an outdoor deck, and space for interpretive gatherings, events, and public programming. Canalside contains museums for children, a carousel, Buffalo and Erie Country Naval & Military Park, historical ships, entertainment venues for an ice rink, and notable architecture named “Shark Girl,” a pop art sculpture.


Ice Bumper Cars

Make sure to play bumper cars on ice once in Downtown Buffalo! The Canalside offers a fascinating game at the winter pavilion to enjoy, allowing cars to bump and slide on the slippery ice surface. The ice bumper cars are ready-to-use cars, providing equipment for the guests to play with and defeat other riders.

Ice skating

 The Canalside is a hub for beginners and expert ice skaters, which includes public skating nights on the ice skating rink. In addition, apart from a typical game, ice skating provides leisure and physical workouts by gliding forward on an ice surface. There are many skate rental facilities for visitors.

Concerts and Festivals

Hosting hundreds of events and concerts each year, Canalside is the most iconic waterfront area, and offers outdoor events, summer fitness classes, and summer festivals. Fun in the area, etched memories in your minds forever, witnessing one of the lighting festivals of the nation!

Facts: –

  1. Canalside is sprawled on 21 acres of area, located on the Buffalo River, New York.
  2. Originally served as the terminus for travelers and passage of goods trade from the East coast of Buffalo.

Activities: – Canalside is the crown of Buffalo River, situated in New York that takes boats and cruises aboard the city. Canalside is a place for water and beach lovers, where visitors can find everything for all ages in the heart of the city of Buffalo. The Canalside offers tons of opportunities in winter to enjoy ice skating with an Igloos experience. Canals offer ice biking and curling as bowling on ice in the winter season. The Canalside spot offers immersive dining, concerts, revels, and outdoor fun on the waterfront beach, featuring rental equipment and pavilions for visitors. Watch magnificent views of the skyline and sunset from the observation tower.

What to expect: – Canalside is the jewel of the nation with an impressive waterfront, museums, and historical ships of the 19th century. The city’s Canalside includes exciting events, children’s games, and Zumba that make your holidays memorable. There are several winter sports, such as ice skating, ice bikes, and curling to start your day. You can learn perfect ice skating moves and jumps as you want for your competition that wins everyone’s heart. Explore the museums to learn and discover new things every time you visit. You can enjoy entertainment venues on the Canalside that include summer and winter sports like swimming, boating, and kayaking or watching famous pop art sculptures.

Plan your visit: – You can come here all year round to visit. The canalside location creates a perfect atmosphere for ice skating and ice bikes that everyone keeps in mind to experience. A perfect mixture of fun and sports for a unique experience on your next trip, the Canalside consists of an icon of history that offers many stories to explore.

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