Madame Sherri Forest

Madame Sherri Forest is a 513-acre forest located in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. This beautiful forest, also known as Rattlesnake Mountain, is located on the eastern slope of Ventasticett Mountain in Chesterfield. In the form of cultural and natural sites, this forest provides a lot of entertainment to tourists. It welcomes visitors with a pond, historical ruins, and hiking trails. This forest with amazing views attracts millions of people every year.


Natural areas of Madame Sherri forest

This Brattleboro venue welcomes you with a unique community of plants, ponds, lush trees, and animals. Here the tourists complete their journey through the jungle in a serene environment. The vista and view of the forest are worth watching from the lookout point. In the autumn season, the view here is made on sight. You can do activities like hunting, and fishing in this place full of natural and cultural facilities.

Events of this place

Many programs are organized for the tourists at this place of Madame Sherri. Concerts and parties are typically hosted here, where light displays and elaborate sound are used to the best of their ability. Apart from this, you can do cross-country skiing, dog walking, snowshoeing, and many other fun activities here. Plan an outing with the whole family to this magnificent forest.

Trails of this forest

you can go hiking here. There is an easy 2-mile Ann Stoke Loop Trail through a hemlock forest to the ruins of Madame Sherri’s castle. Enjoy amazing views and scenery while hiking the trails. After exploring the surrounding trails, spend time in the comfortable rooms and give your tired body a chance to relax in the sauna and hot tub.


  1. Madame Sherri Forest was created in the 1902s for the purpose of organizing several wild parties and raising awareness of natural areas.
  2. This forest in Vermont was named after Madame Antoinette Sherri.

Activities:-There are many exciting things to see here along with the remains of the forest society, parking lot, and palace. The huge stone stairs of the forest ruins haveli are very high which looks very interesting. It can be quite an adventure for you to visit this place full of natural things along with a variety of entertainment programs. The remaining stone pillars and first-floor chimneypiece evoke an earlier memory. Although the sky walkways and traffic on the steep sections can be difficult, the area is quite enjoyable.

What to expect:- Spend a relaxing moment in one of the luxury guest rooms and extravagant bedding at the Brattleboro Madame Sherri Forest overlooking the beautiful gardens. Enjoy a delicious breakfast each morning in one of the peaceful fabulous shops and restaurants. Start the day with hiking on the trails. Take pictures of the stairs leading to the sky. Take in the impressive view of the lower level with the great archway. People come to this area for recreational activities like fishing, beautiful bird watching, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing, etc.

Plan to visit:-Make sure to come here with your family, kids, and friends to see the remains of Madame Sherry’s palace, and to go hiking throughout the forest. There is no parking fee. Look at the ponds full of frogs. This place is open round the clock from Monday to Sunday for forest tourists. By traveling here, you experience nature in its best form. Also, watch the breathtaking view of the forested area with foliage.

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