Cathedral of Saint Helena

Are you searching for a place of all faiths? Visit one of the most recognizable churches in Montana State, the Cathedral of Saint Helena. This is a historic Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena. This is the only gothic-style church built in 1908 and its building site was chosen by Bishop John Carroll. It is an awe-inspiring sight on the town’s skyline to enjoy. It has an interesting story of Helena as the patron saint of new discoveries. The first funeral held in the cathedral (when it was incomplete) was that of Thomas Cruse, a donator and first-time celebration of Lord’s Supper in the new church in 1914.



The Cathedral of Saint Helena is popular among locals and visitors of all faiths from all over the world. The cathedral provides services to advance family life and the spiritual needs of families. Come along with your family and friends to experience your peaceful time in the cathedral.


  • Lower level of Cathedral: The cathedral is divided into two levels. The Lower level of the Cathedral includes social halls, a kitchen, and a magical space for prayer. It was named in honor of the first Bishop of Helena, John B. Brondel. On the other hand, the lower level of the cathedral has beautiful scenery, statues, and picture to explore. The colorful tones of stained glass windows at the lower level made for the cathedral tell the Christian story of Adan and Eve.


  • Upper level of Cathedral: Cathedral of Saint Helena is a beautiful holy place with all faiths. The upper level of the cathedral includes a sanctuary, new baptistery, elevator access to the level, and Joseph’s Chapel to explore. Enjoy the cathedral’s magical and spiritual atmosphere which heals the soul. The sanctuary is decorated with gold leaf and an eye-catching lacquer finish of light fittings.


  • Cathedral of Saint Helena Architecture: Cathedral of Saint Helena offers stained glass windows and installed new sound systems for prayer, recovers exterior surfaces. The cathedral features geometric decoration, a steeply pitched roof, stunning twin spires, statues of the historical person from arts and religion. The interior decoration of the cathedral’s altars and statues is made of beautiful Carrara marble.


  1. The construction of the Cathedral of Saint Helena began in 1908 by the Columbia Construction Company.
  2. It was added to the National Register of Historic Place in 1980.


Activities: The cathedral of Saint Helena is a magnificent architecture to admire the Gothic revival flourishes. The cathedral offers social halls, altars, statues, sanctuary, 230-foot twin spires, historical photos, and stained glass windows to enjoy outside city views. Enjoy interior and exterior decoration and the statues of historical persons. Learn about the architecture of this unique space and the history of the gothic style of the cathedral.


What to Expect: The cathedral is a great wonderful holy place in Montana. Cathedral of St. Helena has magnificent lighting fixtures with a special lacquer finish and vaulted ceiling to explore and parking lot for visitors. There is an opportunity to see twin spires, hand-cast bells which represent the mystery of Rosary, limestone exterior, 29 statues of a saint, and many others. You can see the jumble of windows and neo-classical pillars.


Plan your visit: You can come here all year round. Every day it opens at 6:30 am and closes at 6 pm. On Sundays, it is open only till 1 pm. Cathedral of Saint Helena is an outstanding Gothic Architecture with white marble altars, statues, windows, and sanctuary to experience its colorful history. You will feel the presence of God in the Cathedral.

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