Eldorado Canyon State Park

Elevate your outdoor experience at Eldorado Canyon State Park where the Canyon meets the sky! With a variety of recreation opportunities, Eldorado Canyon State Park is known for its geologic history. Eldorado Canyon State Park is part of the Colorado State Park System and encompasses 885 acres of land. It is located near the city of Boulder in Boulder Country. It is home to the world’s most accessible rock climbing area. There are around five hundred technical rock climbing routes to experience. For outdoor activities, there are hiking trails and mountain biking routes too. Eldorado Park is the most popular park for rock climbing, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing in winter. Eldorado Park’s beauty is highlighted by the snow dust on the mountains. After a heavy snowfall, snowshoeing can be experienced on the Fowler and Rattlesnake Gulch Trails. Elevations of the park range from 5800 to 8800 feet.


Eldorado Canyon State Park

Eldorado Canyon State Park is a popular spot for rock climbing, stream-side picnic areas, and hiking trails with panoramic vistas. It has thousands of technical rock climbing routes for visitors. Take a look at the towering sandstone cliffs of Eldorado Canyon State Park that give the opportunity to develop skills and climbing abilities. Plenty of wildlife can be witnessed here including Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Golden Eagles. Eldorado Park offers Junior Ranger Programs for children which include outdoors, games, crafts, and working as a team.

Eldorado Canyon Trails

Eldorado Trails are located near Eldorado Springs with a way around 10.6 kilometers. Along the way, there are several wildflowers, wildlife, waterfall, natural scenery, forest area, and river to see. This is an excellent trail for ups and downs with beautiful views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.


Rattle Snake Gulch Trail

Rattlesnake Gulch Trail with 5.8 kilometers length. It is a moderately trafficked loop trail basically used for hiking and mountain biking. Along the way, there are canyons, waterfall cascades, cliff swallows, and clifftop views. You can go here for a picnic, horseback riding, mountain biking, and rock climbing. It has incredible views and suitable for beginner hikers; both reasons make it the best spot to visit.


  1. Rocks in the Eldorado Canyon State Park are over 1.5 billion years old.
  2. Eldorado Park was created in 1978 and is situated over 885 acres of land.



Eldorado Canyon State Park is a great place to visit with family. Activities at the park comprise biking, picnicking, rock climbing, boating, kayaking, and cross-country skiing. Children can participate in the educational programs that are organized in this park.


What to Expect

Eldorado Canyon State Park is one of the best rock climbing destinations. Other than outdoor activities you can expect here certain historic displays, gift shops, book stores, and wildlife watching (red fox, mountain lion, raptors, and songbirds).

Plan your visit

The park remains open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. Visitors have to purchase the pass for entrance in a park and other areas. For camping, you need to make an early reservation.

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