Whitefish Mountain Resort

In the north of Whitefish, visit one of the largest super unique resorts of Montana, Whitefish Mountain Resort. Whitefish Mountain Resort has more than 3000 acres of adventurous skiable area which welcomes quintessential skiers and riders. The resort provides a variety of terrain, bowls, glades and beautiful snowfalls, and luxurious mountain houses.


The resort is a historic place where Olympic Champion Tommy Moe learned skiing and race. It provides views of Flathead valley, breathtaking mountains, alpine slides, and comfortable lodges to stay. Take a gondola ride and hike around the summit, zip line, and alpine slides. Explore this huge resort which provides many scenic lifts, spectacular views, endless terrain. Whitefish Mountain Resort offers the best ski vacation for family and friends. It is a popular destination among local and visitor skiers.


  • Mountain Trails and Lifts: Whitefish Mountain Resort is home to chairlifts and trails which include eleven chairlifts, three surface lifts, and over 90 natural trails. It features the most advanced skiing on mountain and tree skiing along the cliffs and vertical chutes. Enjoy walking on trails to appreciate natural vistas, high peaks, and shimmering lakes while listening to music.


  • Resort Events: The resort is always filled with lots of live events, entertainment events, summer concerts, camps for kids, and winter sports throughout the year. From zip lines to downhill mountain bike trails, and Aerial Adventure to the Alpine Slide all the activities are best from children to all other ages. You can also join a yoga class at the lodge to stay active and positive while on your vacation. The resort offers educational and professional arts programs to share information about historical and culturally rich heritage.



  • Skiable Terrain: Resort has beautiful 3000 acres of snowy skiable area. The terrain is an ideal spot for snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, and night skiing, skating on powdery snow layers. The natural terrain is the winter delight for all outdoor adventure seekers.



  1. After renaming in June 2007 the resort is known as “Whitefish Mountain Resort”.
  2. The average snowfall in the resort is 300 inches, annually.


Activities: The resort hosts many winter sports, weddings, and holiday events for visitors. it offers the opportunity of backcountry skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, wildlife sighting, nightlife, art, dog sledding, horseback riding, rafting, and water skiing in Whitefish Lake. Enjoy ski racing, lift rides, thrilling zip line tours, fine dining, and local beverage in the town.


What to Expect: The Mountain Resort is an ideal place for family reunions, weddings, and skiable terrain where you can ski above the clouds. In summer, you can experience alpine slides, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and views of Flathead Valley. You can enjoy birdwatching, wildlife sighting, hiking trails, and the charming natural beauty of high peaks.


Plan Your Visit: Whitefish Mountain Resort is open every day for visitors. Purchase tickets in advance and get a discount of up to 10%. For the activities, you have to purchase the passes. The Ski Resort is an affordable and extremely adorable spot packed with great mountain peaks, hiking trails, lifts, and terrain. Create cherished moments at the resort with your family. Enjoy night skiing with kids.

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