Winchester Mystery House

Want to fill with curiosities on your trip to San Jose? Here we suggest you go and explore the Winchester Mystery House. Winchester Mystery House is located over 2400 square feet in San Jose, California. It is a very mysterious place that once served as the personal residence of Sarah Winchester and was named after her name. Winchester Mystery House is an architectural wonder and popular historic landmark. It is a place worth visiting that displays amazing exterior looks and luxurious interior decorations. Its beauty can leave you stunned for few seconds. The mansion has an interesting haunted history behind it. It is believed that Mrs. Winchester was being haunted by the spirits of those who were killed by Winchester’s Rifle. There is a gift shop and many little things to see in the mansion. There are art galleries, special exhibitions, cultural exhibits, and crafts for kids to explore. This is the best place for cultural education and entertainment to visiting with the whole family.


The Winchester Mystery House Interior

This house is the strangest house on the planet featuring 160 rooms, 10000 windows, 2000 doors, skylights, chimneys, stairways, kitchen, and just one shower. The amazing part is: the mansion has Stairways that go straight into a ceiling, all doors are of similar shapes and sizes that open into nowhere, rooms are built inside rooms, and skylights have been installed on the floor. You should come here and see this mansion and make yourself curious with the balconies and windows on the inside rather than out, upside-down columns, and hidden trap door.

Mercantile gift shop

It is a place located at the entrance of Winchester Mystery House. Here you can purchase tour tickets, souvenir photographs and borrow souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. From textile to home decoration items you will find here plenty of things to purchase. Each item is sourced from local artisans. Kids can also purchase some books here that are inspired by the Mystery House.

Victorian gardens

It is an amazing place with the beauty of nature. See the box hedges and hundreds of varieties of tree and plant life here. The place will take you to the past time of the 1900s. There are cherry laurels, boxwood hedges, and hundreds of flowers that blossom throughout the year. The original mythological statues including Mother Nature, Cupid, a cherub, hippocampus, Native American hunter, deer, and frogs enhances the beauty of this garden. It is a nice spot for an outdoor experience. 


  1. Winchester Mystery House is named one of the Most Haunted Places in the World by Times Magazine.
  2. The house is full of Architectural oddities and mystery.
  3. The Winchester House is named after Sarah Lockwood Winchester, the wife of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester.



The Winchester Mystery House is a beautiful but bizarre mansion. The House holds many venues for corporate events and other special occasions. You can even make a reservation at this place for any special event. There are gardens for small outdoor events and museums to explore. There are art and craft galleries, annual public events, and seasonal Halloween to enjoy.


What to Expect

The Winchester Mystery Houseboats special events on Halloween and Friday the 13th. This house is listed in the most haunted places with an interesting history of Mrs. Winchester. You can see Winchester’s obsession with number 13 throughout the house from ceiling panels to hooks. To take pictures inside the mansion is allowed.


Plan your Visit

Winchester Mystery House is open year-round. It is the perfect destination to visit with family and kids. Explore the mystery and unlock the secrets to the world-famous haunted home! Winchester Mystery House is indeed mysterious and unpredictable!

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