Tulsa zoo

The modern zoo is much more than we can even conceive. They are extremely equipped, informative, and protected in 2021. The zoo is one place that will forever leave you amazed at any time of the year, at any age. This is the excellence of animals, they will win your heart because they are purely reactive. Tulsa zoo is one such place that is loaded with extraordinary elegance in every corner, the zoo provides a clean and protective environment for visitors. Well, this place is going to keep you at the bay of excitement. Tulsa Zoo is located at 36th St N, Tulsa, OK overs 85-acres. This non-profit zoo is perfect to learn about animals from all parts of the world. Treat yourself to a mind-blowing short trip to the zoo with your family to create wonderful memories to cherish


Attraction – 


  1. Wildlife – Your heart will blossom when you are here, the zoo is small in size, which saves time and meets your purpose of coming here. That is you will learn quickly and give more time to understand the wildlife. Chimpanzees, prairie dogs, and Asian elephants are going to be the favorite animals of this zoo’s residents. Every creature here is taken care of completely, and you can spend a substantial amount of time with your close ones at every stop.


  1. Learn the Purpose: Zoos are meant for three purposes in general: Conservation, Education, and Research. Tulsa Zoo meets all three. The main goal is to take home a message that stays with you, your kids, and your partner that wildlife has always existed with us, and we are equally responsible to take care of them with our mother Earth. The experience hangs on to your soul and makes you ponder deeper about their lifestyle.


  1. Kids Love it: The Tulsa Zoo sets a high standard in providing family-friendly recreation. If you are planning to go with your kids, they are going to be all in for it. It is one way to get your bond stronger with them, by answering their curious mind about every minute species here. Use the information to gain knowledge of the animal and pass it on to your kids.


Facts – 

  1. Tulsa zoo is well located in Mohawk Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the US.
  2. The zoo is maintained well with time, for more than 90 years the Tulsa Zoo has created a great example of natural sciences education and conservation of wildlife.



Activities: Witness the wide variety of animals like Jaguar, White rhinoceros, Aldabra tortoise, and Lemur. Those who do not love walking can hop on the safari train and take a round trip of the zoo on it. There is an animal-themed carousel where the guests can enjoy the rides. The zoo has a gift shop that consists of a variety of items. Giraffe feeding and camel rides are activities not to miss here.


Plan Your Visit: The zoo opens daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Visitors can reserve their tickets online from the website and avoid queuing at the entrance gate. The admission price varies as per the age of the person. For adults, it is $14, for children in between 3 to 11 the charges are $10, and seniors are charged $12. Infants and children under 2 are allowed free.


What to Expect: There are nice options for food and beverages. After witnessing the animals you can give yourself a treat and take some rest. The zoo also organizes various types of events and summer camps in which you can participate.


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