North Beach

What do you know about North Beach? Let’s explore while spending a day at the beach! In New Hampshire, there is not much coastline, but North Beach has a broad stretch of sand and rocks with many breathtaking views of sunset and sunrise. The Beach feature several water species, water activities, restrooms, picnic areas, pavilions, and event venues to enjoy when the Oceanfront sits as a beautiful backdrop. The beach provides peace and intoxicating views of nature to admire. The beach has incredible tide pools to watch or sit on the rocks to have quality time with your family and friends. With the fascinating shoreline, the beach offers many water activities like swimming, boating, fishing, surfing, and learning new water activities. If you don’t want to walk on sand, you can listen to the sound of tide pools and dip your feet into the water to feeling refresh and watch native species of animals.


The Ocean

 North Beach is a popular and favorite surfing spot among locals and worldwide tourists to come. The marina is home to thousands of water species over the years, including critters, tropical fish, crabs, and various creatures. The marina is an Atlantic oceanfront that provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, and observing the ecosystem of wildlife. The waterfront includes fishing piers and boat ramps to launch boats.

The Beach

North Beach is New Hampshire’s long beach with a wide area of flat sandy beach with shallow water and a few tide pools for visitors to create unforgettable memories. There are many grills, restrooms, sitting spaces, extraordinary venues, and restaurants to grab lunch and multiple beverages at bars. The beach is easily accessible, including lifeguards, bathhouses, and restrooms to rest after swimming.

Playgrounds and Event Venues

 North Beach draws thousands of tourists throughout the year, including many playgrounds for volleyball, football, and children’s play areas. There are many pavilions for small family occasions, get-togethers, receptions, and wedding venues for a royal theme where the Atlantic waterfront is a backdrop for photoshoots. The beach offers events of local and famous musicians, stunning summer occasions, and cultural festivals for guests to enjoy.

Facts: –

  1. North Beach is an Atlantic-oceanfront destination for surfers and picnickers.
  2. North beach has a long and wide sandy stretch, one of the longest in New Hampshire.

Activities: – North Beach is one of the longest beaches in the state and country to walk on the sandy stretch. The beach includes awesome tide pools with varieties of animals. Skip your other plans and arrive to visit North Beach instead for more fun, adventure, and crazy opportunities for water lovers. North Beach has magnificent sunrise and sunset, and beautiful sunlight for sunbathing on the beach features the best surf on New Hampton’s beach.

What to expect: – North Beach is a favorite destination for water lovers to watch the water waves collide with the wall, including rocky pathway and plenty of water features like surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and swimming in the water. Learn the ecosystem of water characters and water activities. Enjoy a boardwalk on the beach, sitting on rocks, and a pleasurable surfing journey from start to pro, lunch at restaurants, and plenty of parking areas. You can see vistas of sunset over the Ocean and enjoy special events, picnicking, and the quieter atmosphere of the beach.

Plan your visit: – North Beach is an open full day or all year round for water lovers and picnickers who want to spend a day in the Ocean and the sun. Explore the natural environment and ecosystem of the marina. North Beach is the best choice for all seasons to have a walk and leisure picnic time with kids, family and friends. Enjoy skim-boarding and surfing on the water. Dip your ties and dive into the shallow water of Atlantic Oceanfront.

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