Gulf Shore Public Beach

Just Beautiful, imagine waves crashing along the shores, sun drowning quietly at the far end, and sand between your toes. If that ignites the fire of your inner traveler, pack your bags and reach the Gulf Shore Public Beach. This marvelous beach is located in Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, Alabama. All you need to do is pay a small fee that includes up-close parking, leaving you carefree to unload your gear. You will find beach attendants, a picnic area, a restroom, and showers on-site with three open-air pavilions at the Gulf Shore Public Beach. This beach has a lot for you, from ocean fishing, boat cursing, volleyball playing and golf are the major reasons to attract a lot of tourists.


Attractions – 

  1. Swim and watersports – Swimming is a healthy workout that has numerous health benefits. Let yourself loose in the water and get ready for a full-body workout. The clear water at the Gulf Shore Public Beach helps the body to heal and offers some therapeutic effects. It is best to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Remember to enjoy water sports along with fishing when you are at the Gulf Shore Public Beach.


  1. Play – Remember the last time you played near water in the open? Here is the opportunity. Join a group on the beach or take one along as you unleash your sportsman again. If you’re planning for volleyball-playing, beach-bar-hanging good times, interact with random strangers for deep talks this place is for you.


  1. Rest – Last but not least, relax. You have been giving your best at work/studies/home. You are here to enjoy, spend time with yourself. Pick a place, sit, and witness the beauty of nature. Self-musing will be your favorite pass time, you will forget to get bored alone, ever. Come to Gulf Shore Public Beach to rejuvenate the past, ponder upon the future, but most importantly to live in present.


Facts – 

  1. The first hotel was built at Gulf Shores in 1937 and the first post office opened in 1947.


Activities: At the gulf shore, there are around 8 public beach access locations for the guests. From March to October visitors are allowed to swim here under lifeguard services. One can experience the nightlife after spending the whole day at the beach. Go shopping at the gift shop and purchase anything you need.


Plan your visit: The place is open every day for 24 hours. You can come here with your family and settle for an entire family vacation with plenty of water activities. Arrive early and chose the finest place to sit and relax at the beach. For parking the vehicle you have to pay the parking fee.


What to Expect: Visitors can expect beach volleyball, pavilion picnics, a busy shower area, bars at the beachside, summer lifeguards, and lots of happy beachgoers. You can sit and relax at the decent sand place and enjoy the sunset. Nearby to the beach, there are a wide variety of food and beverage options in the restaurants.





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