Grand Canyon National Park

Seeking an escape to a place close to nature? Grand Canyon National Park has plenty of adventure sights for hiking, biking, camping, rafting, and many viewpoints. It is an amazing vacation place packed with an unforgettable experience. It features two main center attractions that a first-time visitor should consider in their bucket list. These are the Grand Canyon and a gorge of the Colorado River.


Get the most from a trip to Grand Canyon National Park:

Traveling this place can be a little bit overwhelming while wondering what to do next. Initial trip planning is compulsory to have the ultimate experience in this big and beautiful place. The Canyon can’t be crossed so it can only be explored by driving all the way around through East, West, North, and South Rims.


All along the way, you can feel a sense of connection with nature. Enter the park from the east and gaze out the smaller canyons carved by the Little Colorado River. Various viewpoints on the roadside give you the opportunity to take a short break from travel and enjoy some photography moments. Proceeding to the most remote area –East Rim, explore Desert View, Grandview Point, and Yaki Point; these are the observation points near the entrance of the national park.


Meanwhile, the West Rim gives you an opportunity to walk at an eagle point through Grand Canyon Skywalk which is a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge with a glass bottom.


North Rim is around a four-hour drive from the South Rim and is only accessible from May 15 to October 15. In winter, the place receives more snowfall and thus the freezing temperatures scare most tourists away.

The most recognized area of the Grand Canyon is South Rim. This place is widely known for hiking, camping, and sightseeing and holds plenty of viewpoints, visitor services, and hotels as compared to East, West, and North Rim.


Not enough days to travel? Look how to manage: 

If you are here only for one day then give priority to Southwest. It is the spot with most of the adventure and viewpoints. Start the day from sunrise and peek into the Grand Canyon visitor center including Hopi House, Kolb Studio via the hop on-off shuttle. After making your way through the time trails come back to Grand Canyon till sunset because the most popular activity is to watch the sunset from the edge of the Grand Canyon that you should not skip.


In general, adventure lovers should visit this place in summer for night camping while spring is best for those who want to avoid the crowd. Many people who have already visited this place have missed so many things because of less information. Thus, getting advanced information and knowing what to expect can help a lot and leads to a fantastic trip.




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