Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is a history museum complex located in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. It is also known as Edison Institute. It is the largest outdoor and indoor museum complex in the USA, attracting approximately one and a half million visitors annually. This historic museum, listed as the Greenfield and Henry Ford Museum, was listed on the National Register in 1969. Opened in 1929, this museum has everything for individuals of all ages to see and know. Offering iconic artifacts spread over a land of 523000 square feet, the museum has become an interactive space for the visitors.


Exhibition of Henry Ford museum

This USA museum has Thomas Edison’s laboratory, Rosa Parks bus, Abraham Lincoln chair from Ford’s theater, John F. Kennedy’s presidential limousine, Wright Brothers airplane workshop and many more historical exhibits which provide an exciting and surprising sight. The exhibit is housed in the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation indoors and showcases an extraordinary piece of art.

Collection of Museums

The vast collection here has many amazing and historical things to see. Enjoy seeing the mass production technologies of Henry Ford, the assembly line of F-150 trucks, all types of automobiles, etc. Watch the exhibits in 22 themed rooms. See also the red cushion rocking chair where Abraham Lincoln was shot. There are classic cars, class 11 presidential vehicles and a railroads in the top exhibit which is a 1.2mn pound steam locomotive.

Events of the museum

You can see the historical events of the museum here. Many programs are organized in the year in which the memory of the greatest people is shown. How Lincoln Was Assassinated, Kennedy Assassinated, The Blood Stained Chair, Rosa Parks Just About That which makes the visitors shudder. Demonstrations on slavery are also shown here.


  • This 9-acre Museum of American Innovation gives you a chance to learn about America’s greatest inventions and advances.
  • There is much to learn at the museum through technology, social change, and agriculture and the environment.

Activities:-There are many amazing things to see, explore and discover at this Museum of American Innovation. You can come here to see a clear display of American culture. Violins, clocks, beautiful glass objects, dollhouses, etc. will fill your mind with wonder at the museum’s quirky treasures. You can also use Thomas Edison’s light bulb laboratory here. This museum is really amazing. Among Henry Ford’s special attractions are American dynamism, design and construction, energy and power.

What to expect:– Thousands of tourists visit Henry Ford every day to experience American history. Plan a trip here to see exhibits like boarding a real steam locomotive, piloting with the Wright brothers, and the art of the history costume. Parking here is absolutely free. Don’t miss a meal at the Ford rouge Factory Tour and buy gifts in memory of the trip.

Plan to visit:-Be sure to visit this mysterious and historical museum in the USA with your family and kids.  Admission fee is $24.25 for those over 62, $20.25 for ages 5 to 11, free for those under 5, and $27 for general admission. It is open seven days a week and the entry time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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