Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute

Visiting a museum is like time traveling in the past. It clusters the knowledge together with facts that blow your mind. You can connect the dots so easily from history to date at any museum. One such section is at Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute. This place is a cherry on the cake for you if you are a soda lover. This museum is dedicated to the nation’s oldest major soft drink maker -- Dr. Pepper! At this place, you can learn a lot more about the mechanics of making sodas. Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute is located at 300 S 5th St, Waco, TX. The story of this place is rather interesting. The inventor of this place was Charles Alderton. He was a pharmacist working at Morrison's store in Waco. Most of the time he used to mix the medicine for his customer's good health. But his interest to make soda in his spare time led to the invention.


Attraction – 


  1. Light up Social Media – An excellent photo comes only with a perfect location around it. At Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute remember to carry your camera with yourself. The exhibit here changes regularly, so you can upload interesting photos every time. Other photo points outside the Museum includes Dr. Pepper Green’s 1940s delivery truck, the neon signs from the Mockingbird Plant in Dallas, and an advertising sign (hand-painted) original to the site. The most loved spot for years is still the front of the Museum building itself i.e. is significant and fascinating.


  1. Be a Sensory Scientist – This museum gets more exciting with the experiences you are going to learn here and the experiments you can conduct. You are a sensory scientist at Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute by sampling distinctively different sodas! The team will guide you through the consumer testing process.


  1. Become a soda maker – This is awesome, you can learn to be a soda maker here. At Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute you can choose from a variety of flavors and create something new as per your tastes. The bottle will be sealed and signed with your name. Visit the Make-A-Soda room in the East Wing building, here you need to pay an admission amount to enter the premises.


Facts – 

  1. Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute is a Non-profit gallery examining the history & memorabilia of soft drinks. It is run in a 1906 bottling plant.


Activities: Guests can experience many activities that may require a special reservation. Some of the experiences include Taste-A-Soda, Make-A-Soda, and 10-2-4 field tours. It is a one-hour self-guided tour of the museum.


Plan your visit: This place is open for visitors from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5:30 pm. On Sundays, it opens at noon. Children under 4 are allowed free entry however others have to purchase tickets. Charges are $6 for children, $10 for adults, and $8 for seniors. You can come here all year round except Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Thanksgiving.


What to Expect: The mission of the museum is to educate students and visitors about the history and making of soda and soft drinks. The exhibit displays various objects related to the history of the drink industry. It tells the story behind the industries of soft drinks.

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