Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

Do you love to ride ponies? Experience Kansas’ rich heritage and take a step back in history while in Kansas. In the heart of Overland Park, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a community farm and unique facility to educate people about the 1900s history through entertainment. The park was known as a petting zoo, and after 1985, its name changed to honor Deanna Rose, a police officer in Overland Park killed on duty timing. Draws thousands of tourists, the farm offers a milking demonstration, Ben’s Bank, an antique typewriter, and more to walk through, and features a blacksmith demonstration of the process of making farming tools. The farmstead hosts a Christmas light display, educational classes for kids at the country schoolhouse, featuring Kaw Indian earthen lodge, and a dairy barn that attracts more than 400000 visitors annually to experience outdoor recreation time. Deanna Rose Farmstead is a hub of gardens, consisting of a nature trail, a one-room schoolhouse, a butterfly garden, and a display of Native American “Kanza”. The park features a ride of pony, horse-drawn wagons, playgrounds, and a fishing pond.


Trails & Gardens

The farmstead has gigantic and gorgeous vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and show gardens to enjoy. The farm has an enchanting trail system for watching butterflies, including lots of shady trees covering the pathways. Learn about gardening and farming while seeing the process of growth. There are many walkways and paths throughout the gardens to take a walk and relax.

Playgrounds & Rides

The facility provides unquestionably fabulous rides of wagons and ponies. The farm visit is incomplete without an adventurous ride to have fun. The farm offers pedal tractors to ride around for the workouts of leg muscles. Spend some time to cool off a bit when kids play and take a look at the area. Enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride, petting horses, and get hands-on animal experience.

The Mining Camp

 Exploring the mining process, the Deanna Rose Farmstead is a famous destination for the mining experience. Sift for gold by collecting rocks and purchasing rocks bags. The mining camp is perfect for those who like to collect rocks and has an excellent rock collection to add some new stones. Walk away with colorful stones and gold from the camp.

Facts: –

  1. In 1978, The Deanna Rose Farmstead opened as a petting zoo.
  2. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead was named to pay respect to an Overland Park officer, Deanna Rose.

Activities: – Deanna Rose Farmstead is a popular and favorite location for visitors to venture into Overland Park. There are several birds of prey, opportunities for mining, riding the ponies, and fishing in the old-time fishing pond. The farm offers opportunities to interact with animals, feed them, and watch various animals like cows, chickens, llamas, and more. Grow and learn about flowers, garden, and spend quality time with family.

What to expect: – Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a leisure site with many animals, birds, and lots of fun activities to enjoy as their interest. The farm hosts educational events, and living history events and offers many chances to learn about the history of the city and gardening. Join the mining camp of the farm for mining the gold and precious rocks. There are plenty of flower gardens, birds of prey, vegetables, and playgrounds throughout the park. Pet the animals and purchase food for feeding them!

Plan your visit: – You can come here all year round from 9 am to 5 pm. Deanna Rose Farmstead is a family farm that shares information about the history of the park and the city in the 19th century. The admission is free from Monday to Thursday and $2 per person from Friday to Sunday and on holidays. Enjoy fishing with an old-fashioned cane pole at the pond full of fish!

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