Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum of Michigan's Ann Arbor is in the United States of America. The museum promotes literacy through experimentation, education, and exploration, along with interactive exhibits for both adults and children, to help discover science. Established in 1978, this exciting and large museum in the USA attracts millions of tourists every year. Plan a visit here for interesting information about a variety of simple machines and complex systems.


Exhibition of Museums

There are many exhibits to see in the museum which provide quite astonishing and exciting sights. You can learn about magnetism here in the Heritage Gallery exhibit. Exciting exhibits include geology specimens in the Michigan Nature Discover Room, native lake fish, an interactive nature wall, and magnet exhibits. Apart from this, there are also Magnetoscope, Block Party 2, Recollections, Blast Off, and Media Works which keep the guests entertained to the fullest.

Collections of this museum

In this museum in Ann Arbor, visitors can see a huge collection of real and historical artifacts. These collections include wireless laser beams, spectrums of white light, exhibitions exploring the science of telecommunications and television, creating machines, and more. Be sure to tell the day of your vacation at these astounding museums. Explore and enjoy everything here with the whole family.

Events of Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Traveling here is wonderful with so many events. Many special events are organized in the museum from time to time. Here you can participate in concerts and learn about them using the objects in any of the exhibits. The main events here are the 3 days art fair in July where more than half a million people come to see the fair. Ann Arbor has a wide array of world-class events ranging from athletics, music, academics, theatrical arts, history, and more.


  • This museum with technology and interactive science has fascinating exhibits on a range of topics such as media, psychology, and health.
  • Ann Arbor’s 3-day art fair draws people from around 30 cities and over 1000 artists to present their art.

Activities:- Visitors can enjoy many fun activities in the museum. Enjoy the delicious cuisine, the water table, the tornado, the inverted pendulum, and the liquid galaxy here. You can climb aboard the Huron City Ambulance to explore the human body, measure their physical fitness and even listen to their beats. There are also many activities for children to stay busy. There is an area exclusively for children where children up to 4 years old can play on the fire engine and dress up as firefighters.


What to expect:-Plan a visit to this museum to entertain individuals of any age. Get information by looking at the inventive things here and you too can do something new here. Build structures and towers using foam blocks. Test the rocket engaged in the demonstration. Much interesting information related to science is available here which you can do by yourself. Children can play a game of checkers and play with old toys. Parking here is a bit tricky but there are so many wonderful interactive things to do.


Plan to visit:– Be sure to visit with your family, friends, and kids to visit this fascinating museum in any season of the year. It is open to guests seven days a week. The entrance fee is $25 per person and $20 for members. A valid photo ID card is also required to be brought along. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and is closed on Mondays.

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