Campus Martius Park

Are you looking for a prime outdoor skating rink in Downtown Detroit, Michigan? A re-established park, the Campus Martius Park is situated in Detroit at the junction of Michigan Avenue and Woodward Avenue that covers several acres for visitors, named for Principal Square in Marietta, Ohio. The park features sculptures, public areas, live performance stages, and an ice skating rink. There are many sculptures installed at the park to learn about art and artists’ unique imagination through the objects and artworks. Campus Martius Park is Detroit’s premier family-friendly location that offers an iconic experience with outdoor adventure. Explore the country’s scenic views and have fun and education. The park features award-winning lighting, beautiful public spaces, and a dramatic backdrop of Detroit’s Christmas tree and scenery. There are many food trucks and diverse food options for a foodie person. The area consists of many soldier’s monuments, walking pathways, and restaurants.


Ice Skating Rink

A large-sized skating rink, the Campus Park includes an artificial sheet of ice for guests to ice skate. The ice rink offers opportunities to play winter sports and to take part in competitions with other skaters. The ice rink hosts several ice shows on ice tracks for recreation. The skating rink features many bends, straight-ways, and sharp turns to create a barrier for adventure. Enjoy the live adventure with your friends and family.

Park Sculptures

A park with numerous visual arts to explore! The park has a wide variety of inspiring sculptures, objects, cultural heritage, and brightly painted artworks by local and global artists. Learn about the classical sculptures that move towards contemporary art and ideas of historical models which show the extraordinary state of mind. Emerge yourself with the perusing art galleries and feel energetic with your favorite artworks.

Martius Park Events

Martius Park is the former location of the Motown Winter Blast event held every year. The park attracts over 400000guests for the celebration of the annual Christmas tree lighting. The events offer bright lighting shows and picturesque decorations. The park also hosts skate shows and performances of famous athletes of the Olympics and US Champions. Detroit’s entertainment spot offers stunning outdoor games to enjoy.


Facts: –

  1. Campus Martius Park encompasses 1.2 acres, created in 2007.
  2. The park is operated by Detroit 300 Conservancy, Michigan.


Activities: – Campus Martius Park has innovative artistry, sculptures, art and culture heritage, and events celebrations. With high-quality artwork, Campus Martius Park features architectural buildings, local shops, and high-profile lighting events for Christmas and annual festivals. The park hosts a year-round concert, live performances, and programming and is home to giant buildings, a Christmas tree that lightens up Downtown, and an ice skating rink that provides an opportunity to skate and other ice sports. The park includes several monuments, art and culture sculptures, a fireworks show, and shooting water at the active water jet fountain to enjoy.

What to expect: – Detroit’s iconic gathering point comes alive with a unique variety of monuments, sculptures, beautiful landmarks, and quaint gardens, including comfortable seating. Experience the scenic views and relax while sitting under the festival lighting. You can attend the Meridian Winter Blast event and ice skating in the park. There are many games to play like chess, checkers, the bean bag toss at Cadillac Square, and water fountains shooting up to 100 feet in the air. The park has dozens of captivating arts and marvelous monuments to must-see, based on art and culture, industry, and technology. You can learn and practice ice skating with your partner.


Plan your visit: – Campus Martius Park opens seven days a week from 6 am to 10 pm to experience and take a step out onto the ice to make a perfect trip with unforgettable moments. The park offers many events, games, and water activities throughout the year. Enjoy fantastic dining and photography with the impressive backdrop of a sensational skyline.

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