New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage

Where do we come from? How is our food grown? These are simple but questions that we take causually. History is as important as the future, we may never know where do we end up in the next 10 years, but we can figure out through 1000 years of our past. New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage is a place that makes you feel history through goosebumps and an exciting narrative. This place is located at 4100 Dripping Springs Road, Las Cruces. Visiting with family is a delight on higher level as this New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage will make the bond stronger. People have been growing food in this region for 4,000 years and the story you learn here at this museum will you stunned.



Exhibits / Events

You will be in awe, the more you go around witnessing the beautiful exhibits the more you will wish to explore. It starts with the Livestock on the south 20 where you learn about the seven breeds of cattle with their origins and characteristic. At Grist for the Mill weaves together New Mexico’s great culture. From Ranches to Rocket where you learn about the early 20th century.


All the cultural resources that represent the National Heritage of the USA are in the museum collections. There are other events as well such as the Oral History program and collections. The library of the museum is a small research facility for all the staff and volunteers. It consists of more than 600 cataloged items that display every aspect of history covering areas of agriculture, arts and crafts, farming, history, etc.


Here is the perfect learning opportunity for visitors belonging to all ages. You can always check the information about the present or the upcoming educational program running at New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage. These programs are very meticulously designed by the team to make the learning more interesting.



  1. The property on which this Museum is constructed is 47-acre.
  2. New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage collects the items that can be traced back to up to 3000-4000 years.



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What to expect

New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage are open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. The tickets can be booked online where the price for the adult is $5, Senior citizens (60+) $4, Children (4 to 17) $3, Active the US and Military & Veterans $2.


Plan your visit

The place is best to visit for all seasons whether it’s summer or cold New Mexico Farm and Ranch heritage make sure to suits your comfort. It is one of the perfect places where family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues can enjoy themselves.

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