Nicholas Conservatory & Garden

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens, Illinois is a beautiful indoor conservatory located on the banks of Rock River. The conservatory area is set up with walkways, fishes, troy trains, and water features. The entire facility is third largest conservatory in Illinois with 22,000 sq. ft. It has 11,000 sq. ft. indoor tropical conservatory that is open throughout the year. This indoor conservatory holds a number of exhibits round the year. The conservatory maintains a lush green environment. They also host many educational programs for children and adults. Explore the mural in the entry lobby depicting the history of the Rockford.



  1. Indoor Garden

The indoor gardens offer a unique view of the tropical plants like palm, pineapple, and papaya trees. Guests can view the Eclipse Lagoon as well as many other native plants from the area. There is a green roof above the conservatory’s lobby. Visitors can plan a whole day trip and enjoy the trolley ride of Forest City Riverboat.

  1. Koi Pond

Nicholas Conservatory has a beautiful pond in the middle of the conservatory. The pond is surrounded by plants like banana plants, sugarcane, etc. Inside the pond there are bright colored fishes which are a great treat for your eyes. The Koi pond extends to the Infinity pond that has more trees around it like Star apple tree, Puerto Rican Hat Palm, Jack fruit, etc.

  1. Mini Toy Trains

There is a small artificial stream running through these ponds. To add the fun factor, they have constructed troy train routes throughout the conservatory. These are functional with different types of toy trains. The train routes are surrounded by mini houses and bridges that make you feel like you are in a small beautiful tropical village.


There are plenty of benches here for your convenience so you can sit and enjoy the beautiful surrounding or click as many as pictures you want. The conservatory holds number of events from time to time. The gift shop at the conservatory offers moderately priced wind chimes, jewelry and other remembrances of your visit.

What to Expect

Throughout the year, Nicholas Park conservatory welcomes visitors with special events. Some of the events are In Full Bloom: The Orchid Exhibit, Simply Spring: The Butterfly Exhibit, Wings of Wonder: The Lorikeet, etc. At Nicholas conservatory, climb the stairs to take a view from a top and explore the tropical canopy for a moment.

Plan your visit

The tickets can be purchased in two ways either online or directly at the spot. The conservatory is closed on Sunday and Monday. On rest of the days, the conservation is operational on normal working hours. The prices vary for residents, non-residents, children and senior citizen. No outside food or beverages are allowed inside. Food and beverages are available in their in – house café.

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