Logan Pass Visitor Center

Over 6600 feet high spot at the summit of the Going-to-the-Road, visit one of the most beautiful elevations of Montana, the Logan Pass Visitor Center. Logan Pass Visitor Center locates at the center point of Glacier National Park. Visitor Center was initially built in 3600 square feet of area. Take a drive along rocky mountains, snowy paths, streams, and waterfalls to enjoy the trip

Logan pass offers wider diversity of wildlife roaming on the grassy ground. Enjoy walking trails without leaving any trace over wildflowers carpet throughout the way. The visitor center provides an opportunity to viewing longhorn sheep, ground squirrels, rams and marmots, gray wolves, and elk. Logan Pass offers many exhibits, snow sports, and lakes. It offers audio files which share information about each animal. Logan pass visitor center is worth walking with quite snowy paths. The nature trail to Hidden Lake Overlook begins behind the visitor’s center which continues as a gravel trail


  • Visitor Center Exhibits: Logan Pass offers both inside and outside interactive exhibits. Click the best photos with water fountains, beautiful trees, and wildflowers. Exhibits give the opportunity to explore amazing creatures, impressing the beauty of the city from the top point. Visitor Center has the most popular Wildlife Superpowers Exhibits on alpine habitat.


  • Logan Pass Trails: The Highline trail and Hidden Lake Trails are the main highlights of the visitor center. Numerous trails give services of hiking and biking to visitors. Admire the beauty behind the visitor center to take a walk on the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail. It also offers a boardwalk with steps.


  • Going-to-the-Sun Road Drive: The road is a historic marvel of the park and its drive is an amazing experience. The road offers a drive through beautiful wildflowers, the best sights of Montana, waterfalls, mountainsides, and alpine plants. Going on the Sun Road tour is heaven for bikers and walkers. It is perfect for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.



  1. Construction of Logan Pass was completed in 1996.
  2. The highest point of the Visitor Center is 6646 feet and is listed on the National Register of Historic Place in 2008.


Activities: Logan Pass is majestic and crown of the continent. Pass offers several colorful wildflowers, overlooks, challenging hiking trails, and opportunities for fishing, biking, cross-country skiing, scenic drives, backpacking, camping to enjoy. Explore exhibits of alpine plants, animals and collect information about climate changes. There are spiky mountain peak views in all directions to amazing for. Bring your camera to spot bears, coyotes, and cougars.


What to Expect: Logan Pass is home to the snowy and towering mountain and wildflowers. You can experience ranger-led programs, exhibits and gift shops, excellent hiking trails. You can expect spectacularly beautiful habitats, plenty of wildlife viewing. You can enjoy lush green meadows, kayaking on the lake, and snowshoeing in winter.


Plan Your Visit: Logan Pass Visitor Center is open daily from mid-June to mid-September. Come here to spend your good time while watching snowy peaks, lakes and walking along with wildflower fields. Bring some extra clothing because at higher points Logan Pass is a little colder. It is a spectacular destination for a family picnic.

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