The Swinging Bridge

You know the famous saying “Never try, never know”. This is what your heart will shout when you will be at the Swinging Bridge in Oklahoma. This miniature wood-planked suspension bridge is located as a historical landmark in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The bridge without fail has been giving goosebumps to all its visitor every year. Your legs may shake, your stomach may stir, but when you cross the Swinging Bridge the experience it gives is a memory that will be of its kind. The footbridge was designed by K.M. Buckely and was completed in 1926. The bridge sits thirty feet above the water, for the moment it will feel a lot closer to the water, but that may be because of the adrenaline rush.


Attractions –

  1. Experience – Few things can only be experienced at once and that is true with the Swinging Bridge. Your conscious self is going to kick in before you start stepping from one end. The bridge across Bird Creek on the south edge of the town is 50 yards long. But as soon as you reach the other end, you are sure to be relieved of the thrill and terrifying sensation you felt at the beginning.
  2. Safety – You must be thinking is this safe? Yes, it has been maintained and refurbished as per need regularly. You can accompany your kids with you here. Rest assured, they will ask you to cross it again.
  3. Beauty – The scenic beauty around the bridge is exceptional. Flowing water right under it that is surrounded by trees and peace all over the place makes you feel different. The Swinging Bridge is perfect for you to get more likes and share on social media. If you are a story maker or a reel lover this place is made for you. Remember to carry a headcam or a selfie stick with you to record the experience better.

Facts –

  1. To get across the creek into Pawhuska the swinging bridge was the only way.
  2. The Swinging Bridge is much safer with the side rails. You will feel the original bounce when you move through it.
  3. This bridge was refurbished in 1970 and it has been unchanged since then.


Activities: Photography is the main activity that you should never miss here. There are campgrounds in the park where you can stay if you want to. Hiking, swimming, and fishing activities can also be done here but make sure the water quality is good enough for swimming.



What to expect: To reach this swinging bridge, you will have to hike through a forest. The total trip will take around 2 hours so you can easily add this place to your Pawhuska itinerary. You can expect wonderful views while walking across the bridge.


Plan your visit: The Bridge is open 24 hours a day. It is better to visit during day time because at night you can’t explore it to the best. Lake beneath the bridge looks gorgeous while walking which seems thrilling to the guests.

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