National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Here in Dubuque, visit the largest museum and aquarium in the country, the National River Museum, and Aquarium, which opened in June 2003. The two buildings of the museum and aquarium acquire more than 10 acres of campus and draw over 250000 visitors annually from all over the world. The campus is dedicated to rich culture, history, ecosystems of the Mississippi River, and river creatures. The aquarium displays giant catfish, river otters, stingrays, turtles, ducks, sharks, alligators, octopuses, and many more to explore. Experience walking through dynamic exhibits that provide a blacksmith shop to show how they work, and an antique William M. Black dredge boat. The museum and aquarium interpret the environmental and cultural antiquity of the Mississippi River, featuring state of art, immersion theaters, thousands of tropical fishes, bird species, touch pools, and interactive hands-on exhibits. There is a lot of historical machinery, special events, outdoor spaces, benches, and educational programs to learn about the river system and the natural elements found in the river.


Behind-the-scene Aquarium Tour

 The behind-the-scenes tour provides a variety of living collections of the underwater universe. Take a leisure tour along the main channel and spend time with aquarists. An interactive tour to enjoy seeing stingrays and other exotic fishes from around the world. Observe the behavior and play of your favorite marine character from the second-floor viewing area.

4D Theater

 With a large screen and amazing 3D sights, the immersive 4D theater of the aquarium offers a dramatic experience to have once in a lifetime. The theater presents special effects of sound, mist, and wind. There are 3D views of wonderful animals playing and living in the river. Explore the aquatic treasure and wonders of the underwater world through the sensory effects with virtual images displayed on the screen.

Museum Exhibits

The museum offers unique exhibits to explore the history of the city and learn about the historical item collection of the museum. There are several hands-on exhibits, and incredibly knowledge full programs and events held for guests to share interactive information. The exhibits showcase a historic engine that still works, railroad history, and a historical machine that survived and is on display.

Facts: –

  1. The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium was established on June 28, 2003.
  2. The museum and aquarium are managed by the Dubuque Country Historical Society.

Activities: – National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium is home to an amazing aquarium and museum that provides beautiful marine creatures and animal encounters in picturesque portrayals. There are opportunities for photography, to participate in the interactive stingray feeding, and come face to face with aquatic habitats of the ocean. The aquarium has several species of endangered animals. Explore the preserved marine life of the Mississippi River! The museum has a selection of artifacts from American traditions and fine arts through the work of local and international artists.

What to Expect: – The museum and aquarium is a world-class destination for wildlife lovers who want to experience the history and the river system. The campus has dozens of hands-on displays, gift shops, animal encounters, and 4D theaters to have sensational experiences with sensory effects, encouraging visitors to come and play with beautiful creatures. You can see colorful ocean animals, amphibians, and wildlife found around the world. You can purchase fish food and feed or pet them. Learn about the culture of the country, artifacts, river systems, and raptor aviaries. Explore dredge, otters, alligators, and tons of exotic fishes.

Plan your visit: – It’s not just a museum, it’s also an aquarium! The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm for visitors. The campus charges entrance fees of $20.95 for adults, $15.95 for young ages 3-17, and $18.95 for seniors ages 65 plus. Consis

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