Parris Island Museum

Parris Island Museum is situated on Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, War memorial Building in Panama Street, Beaufort, South Carolina. The origin of the Museum was in the year 1951, constructed as a source of inspiration for the future. The Museum has 10,000 square feet of area, where the museum maintains manuscripts, sculptures, and historical archives as well as a well-maintained library. All these facilities are available to see just with advance appointments or bookings. The museum specifies large exhibit halls on the history of recruit training.


Exhibits and Displays:

Entering the gate of Parris Island Museum, one reads on the door “The Exhibit room”. There are displays of manuscripts, books, relics, pictures and other historical objects with great significance. Various other exhibitions and displays exhibit Marine uniforms and battle weapons used many decades ago. There are various collection of artifacts from the early 19th century to the present day.


Events + Programs:

The Island events and programs give a comprehensive view of Hilton Head Island. The programs arranged primarily focus on the Marine corps and its history of Parris Island. Further, it also offers areas for shopping, dining, fun, and recreational activities as well as space for arranging events. People come here to know the in-depth history of the monuments, statues, and memorials on the depot.


Gift store and Collection:

The Parris Island Historic and Museum Society supports the museum in all ways with a mission to exhibit the rich and long history of the Marine Corps. All the artifacts available at the gift stores have exclusive designs and wide variety of Marine Corps items. These items attract the crowd with their beautifully carved design and historical story. They also have an online store from where you can make the purchase.


  • The museum is spread over an area of 10,000 square feet on Marine Corps Parris Island.
  • All the artifacts at the Parris Island Museum hold a story behind them.


Parris Island Museum is a beautiful and rich place to learn the history of the United States Marine Corps. All the activities Bowling, Fishing, walking in special walking areas, and Buggy tours are open to the public. The museum on the grounds of the marine base is basically open to the public for free. The committee here focuses on the time-honored traditions of the Marine Corps.

What to Expect?

Situated in the heart of Parris Island marine bae the museum offers a lot of knowledge and learning about the history as well as the marine corps. The individual who interests in history and the marine corps would love to visit the place and gather maximum knowledge. In addition to knowledge and learning, all types of fun and recreational activities are also available at the museum.


Plan your Visit

It is a must to explore such a place that is beautiful and rich in the history, learning, and life of the marine corps. The place also gives access to fun activities like fishing, boating, a library, buggy tours, and walking areas. The best part about the place is that people can visit here for free just the requirement is a prior reservation. The Paris Island Museum, Beaufort, South Carolina is open to the public all around the year.

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