Mount Kato Ski Area

Spread over 55 acres of land, the Mount Kato Ski Area in Mankato City, is a winter sports facility. This 19-foot trail offers visitors snowboarding, 3-king Mountain biking, and snow tubing facility. The skyline in Mankato, Mount Kato, south of the city, has a vertical drop of 24 feet, which is quite a sight to behold. Enjoy the view, weather, and snow sights from the slopes here.


Natural areas of Mount Kato ski area

Mount Kato Ski Area, full of the natural environment, welcomes tourist every year. Snowfall is also accompanied by cool winds at night, while in the daytime enjoy walking in the fresh air and sunshine, skiing, sliding on the hill slopes, and looking at the lush green vegetation. By coming here, you can enjoy a lot of running, roaming, and taking an interesting ride in the rugged plains here.

Events in this area

You get to see many events at this beautiful place in Minnesota. Be sure to visit here for fun events like Scout and Fourth Days, Kids Ski Free Vic, Home School Day, Spring Filling, and more. This ski area keeps us engaged with more than one fun activity throughout the year. Job Fair, Military Service Day, and Annual Mount Kato Ski is enough for fun. It is really amazing to see a petrol ski and snowboard swap.

Snowboarding on Mount Kato

Snowboarding is one of the fun activities in Mount Kato. This place is designed for those 10 years of age or older. It starts from December to February when there is a chance to have a lot of fun amidst the snow. This teaches them to do challenging tasks because skiing and snowboarding from high hills are really courageous.


  1. No pets are allowed on the trails and enjoy mountain biking and snow tubing with Pole Pan Barred.

Activities: This wonderful place has many things of entertainment available for people of all ages. This place is the valley formed by the confluence of Blue Earth and Minnesota rivers which looks quite exciting and beautiful. Here you can find 19 trails, 5 quad chairs, 3 double chairs, terrain parks, a snow tubing park as well as two conveyor lifts. At this only skiing resort in Minnesota, you plan to visit Big Hawk Ridge, where the nicest race place.

What to Expect: Go skiers to the hills and have fun with friends. It is a river valley hill and children, adults and children are sure to come here for a man-made terrain park, which has a jump of 10 feet in height, 4 trails, and a path of a mix of blue and green which is quite attractive seem. The weather here becomes very cold at night. Mount Kato is a great place to see and do races. All research to the top of the ski area can start the race with a good warm-up climb.

Plan to visit: It is open to visitors throughout the year. Be sure to visit the ski area in Mount Kato with your family and kids to do more fun activities like snowmaking, and grooming. It is open for guests Monday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and also on special occasions of the year such as President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, January 2, etc.

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