Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Are you ready to make a connection with animals and experience them with closeness? In Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park, there is the only combined zoo and aquarium in the Pacific Northwest, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, located in downtown Tacoma. The zoo and aquarium protect, restores small wildlife, endangered animals of land and underwater. Originally, the Pint Defiance Park Aquarium was opened as an entity without any zoo and after 1963 the zoo relocated with the aquarium for the preservation of rare species which you might not find in every zoo and aquarium.

Millions of visitors come to explore a wide collection of species in zoos and aquariums annually. It includes interactive exhibits as the Arctic tundra, Baja Bay, Kid’s Zone to see animals, a botanical garden, and rocky shores served for harbor seals, sea otters, and tufted puffins, which reflects the ecosystems of forest and ocean mammals. The zoo and aquarium support an efficient and stable indoor environment for each creature.

Attractions: – 

  • Point Defiance Zoo: Zoo has always something new to see and do. There is a wide variety of animal habitats and bird species to take a closure look, feed, and touch your favorite animals in animal encounters. Watch little animals and discover a kid’s zone playground with opportunities of sliding, hopping, climbing, and jumping to your imagination go wild. The zoo focus on the conservation of red wolf and many rare species by caring and breeding in the wild.


  • Point Defiance Aquarium: – The aquarium is the center of marine creatures to discover moon jellies through huge microscopes. Take a behind-the-scenes tour at the Pacific Sea Aquarium to have a grasp of tropical fish, giant Pacific octopus, jellies, and face-to-face with sharks. The aquarium is basically dedicated to conserving marine beasts. Come here and learn about the ecology of the ocean filled with underwater delights.



  • Botanical Garden: – The zoo features a stunning botanical paradise with thousands of varieties of plants, cacti, shrubs, and flowers in the garden. Plant leaves like bananas, bamboo shoots, and many more are used to feed and upgrade the abilities of animals. Be awed by the power of plants and the beauty of flowers at the botanical garden. Learn about the native plants and hundreds of shrubs.


Facts: –

  1. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium was opened in 1905 over 27 acres of area.
  2. The aquarium was then relocated within the zoo in 1963.


Activities: – The point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is an iconic landmark that includes Asian Forest Sanctuary, animal exhibits, touch pools of stingrays, small sharks, and a botanical garden to explore. Learn about rare species, recovery of the red wolf, and preservation of ocean mammals. Enjoy zoo light events during the holiday season with thousands of lights illuminated the ground into fantasy and animal light displays of this imaginative zoo and aquarium. Admire views of nature, gift shops, great restaurants, and animal encounters.


What to Expect: The zoo and aquarium are home to little creatures and a collection of regional and global marine habitats. You can see the awesome diversity of mammals and get close to them in interactive exhibits which consist of sharks, polar bears, penguins, and various wonderful ocean life. You can interact with colorful tropical fish, and feed the animals at the touch pools. Stroll around the botanical garden along with plants and grassy meadows. It is the place where you can spot international animals and endangered species.


Plan your Visit: – Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is open all year round for family outings. From 9 am to 5 pm you can visit this place. Here you will be allowed based on the reserved timed-entry ticket. Adults have to pay $18 and Children ticket costs $15Explore the botanical garden and Asian Forest Sanctuary that recreates the Asian environment. Learn about the red wolf habitat and an array of animals! Watch swimming of jellyfish, whales, and touch stingrays in the South Pacific Aquarium.

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