Rexburg Idaho Temple

Do you want to visit a place of all faith? Visit one of the Latter-day Saints temples south of the Brigham Young University of Idaho in Rexburg, Rexburg Idaho Temple, situated atop a hill. Rexburg Idaho Temple features impressive architecture, beautiful ground, and magical exterior work. The temple is popular with both locals and visitors. Rexburg Temple is the Church of Jesus Christ temple dedicated by Thomas S. Monson. The temple is full of the spirit of God, blessing everyone’s heart. Experience the strong feelings of peace, the spiritual atmosphere which heal the soul, and spectacular views around the temple. There is a gold-leafed statue of Moroni at top of the temple. Rexburg Idaho Temple is the most attractive in the evening with dazzling sunset views. Explore the interior and exterior decoration of this religious place.


Rexburg Temple Building

The temple features unique classy and modern five stories high building set on top of the hill that makes it so special. Temple has sealing rooms that speculate wildlife, wood carvings, stained glass, murals, and a beautiful spire in the temple. Temple’s exterior consists of concrete panels of various molds which are given the finishing of white quartz rock shines as radiant white.

Rexburg Temple Ground

In the west of the temple, there is a scenic ground for visitors. The garden offers quiet strolling and reflection of a beautiful building, spectacular views, walk around the buildings, and sit on sloped lawns to consume the soothing energy of the area. Attend temple groundbreaking with thousands of other onlookers. The House of Lord is a beautiful edifice with eye-catching views across the valley.

Rexburg Temple Artwork

The Rexburg Temple has special spiritual images hidden in the artwork of paintings and drawings. The Temple’s Artwork was created by the popular Artist, Chad S. Hawkins. These paintings show the purpose of life and definition of sacrifice and the meaning of deep faith. The artwork creates a new spectacular way to view the world and its little creatures.



  1. Rexburg Idaho Temple covers 10 acres of area and third Latter-day Saints Church.
  2. Rexburg Temple is the temple of The Church of Jesus Christ dedicated on February 10, 2008, by his new president, Thomas S. Monson.



The temple is an architectural marvel adjacent to the campus of Brigham Young University. It is a great place for meditation and contemplation that gives a feel of spirit while praying. Take a relaxing walk around the temple and sit on the ground to appreciate the building design, shining exterior, picnic tables, and breathtaking views. Learn about the history of the region and temple. Enjoy watching artwork, wood carving, stained glass windows, and the pretty interior of the temple. Here you get great photography options, especially during sunset.

What to Expect

Rexburg Temple is a beautiful admiring place having majestic valley views, hilltop, peaceful environment, and melodious aura to enjoy. You can enjoy watching beautiful surroundings from stained glass windows and white quartz finishing make this temple more fascinating. Experience the history, pure serenity, meditation at this worship place. Join day-service to volunteer to décor this wonderful temple.


Plan Your Visit

You can come here all year round to feel the peace. It is open for visitors from 6:00 am o 7:30 pm every day except Sunday and Monday. Take a break from all stresses of life in this House of Prayer! The temple is the perfect destination for meditation in peace. Enjoy visiting the ground for the groundbreaking ceremony of Temple!

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