Fort Wayne Children’ Zoo

A family trip needs to be perfect and memorable. Nothing can beat the fun and enjoyment you get inside a zoo. A trip to a zoo means witnessing different species of birds and animals in one place. Children love to gaze at the animals and while watching at animals they can gain knowledge about them. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the U.S. It was opened in 1965 with a total of 1,000-animals on 40 acres area.



Come here and observe Fishes, Seals, Lions, Foxes, Kangaroos, Penguins, Giraffes, Tigers, Zebras, Sharks, and other animals. After interacting with animals don’t forget to enjoy the Ft Wayne zoo rides placed at every theme place of the zoo. The rides include Sky Safari, pony trail, Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride, train ride, and carousal.



1.      Central Zoo: Start your journey from the central zoo. The central zoo accommodates the animal from America and its nearby region. At Monkey Island, you’ll be amused by the fun activities of the capuchin monkeys. At Sea lion beach, you can experience the demonstrations of animal feeding from11:30 AM and 3:00 PM daily. African Penguins, pandas, otters, tortoises, and alligators are the remaining center of attraction of this area.

2.      African Journey: African Journey theme features lions, zebras, wildebeests hyenas, monkeys, and giraffe feeding areas. To reach here you need to travel down the Safari Trail. The sky safari of 38 feet height will get you a bird’s eye view of the animals. For giraffe feeding you have to climb a 14-foot-platform-it is a unique experience that you can ever have in a zoo. At the picnic area, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the African continent. 

3.      Australian Adventure: The Australian Adventure is known for the majority of the Zoo’s nocturnal Australian animals including bats, echidnas, and owls. Nearby there is a separate building where you will witness clownfish, Sharks, coral reefs with tropical fish, rays, pufferfish, and Jellyfish Exhibits in a 20,000-gallon aquarium. Other than this you can enjoy a non-paddling canoe ride with your kids to observe the life cycle of a crocodile.



The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is operated by Fort Wayne Zoological Society. It functions under a cooperative agreement with the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department.



There are various ride options in every area of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. These kid-friendly rides are available at a nominal charge. You need to purchase tokens to enjoy the rides. The park offers various rides including the Sky Safari at the African Journey area, a miniature train and a pony trail at the Central Zoo, a Carousel in Indonesian Rain Forrest, and Log Ride in the Australian Adventure Area.


What to expect:  There is the cost of admission about $11 for children of age 2 to 18; for adults aged 19-61 the admission charges are $15. For seniors above 65, the charges are $13. It opens daily from 9 AM to 8 PM with the last entry till 7 PM. Babies under two are allowed free entry. You can park your vehicle within walking distance from the zoo.


Plan your visit: Plan your visit after getting full details from the website or direct contact. There are four different theme areas at the zoo where you can find different types of animal species. For ride and animal feeding, you have to purchase the tokens. 

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