Colt State Park

Colt State Park is a 464-acre public open space located in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the park offers several recreational facilities to guests, including trails, boat ramps, an observation tower, picnic groves, and an open field. Millions of people plan to visit this state's most spectacular park every year. Consider visiting this park as a recreation focal point within the park system. You can come here with your family and spend some memorable time here.



Natural areas of Park

This park offers a breathtaking view of the natural environment. Trees small birds and animals enhance the beauty of the park. The rare beach offers opportunities to snowshoers and winter snow cross-country skiers. Enjoy kite flying and outdoor games in the open fields. Make a boat ramp in a pond that is 4 feet deep. Don’t forget to explore the entire park by biking on the bike trails in the park.

Events of this park

Colt State Park welcomes visitors for large gatherings and special events, meetings, wedding parties, anniversaries, birthday parties, and more. Attend and enjoy the dance acts and music shows in this charming park. One of the best parks in Rhode Island for the whole family, one of the best parks in Rhode Island is thought to offer a wide range of events like food festivals, museum and gallery exhibits, and a boating Regatta to the guests.


Beaches and water sports in Colt State Park

At Colt State Park, located on the oceanfront, you can enjoy the iconic beach experience with the whole family. The selfie-perfect vistas, the wide strip of sand on the beach, the perfect-sized waves for swimming, and the rules here give a whole new experience to the tourists. Do a host of activities on the water such as surfing, parasailing, scuba-diving, kayaking, and many more.


  1. This park, established in 1965, was built by Samuel P Colt.
  2. A statue of Chafee was installed in Colt State Park in 2003 that provides an exciting sight for visitors.

Activities:– Historic stone walls, hiking trails, 4 miles of paved trails and one of the state’s most spectacular shorelines welcome guests to this park. This is the best place for photographers and artists. You can do many activities here like cycling, walking and running, picnicking, paddling, and meeting animals and birds. Attend and enjoy the special events, celebrations, and events that take place throughout the year. The park provides entertainment and information for all ages alike.

What to an expect:-A favorite among tourists and locals alike, this Colt State Park is exciting and entertaining to visit. From adults to children, all kinds of activities, information, and means of entertainment are available here. Enjoy hiking and a delicious menu here on picnic tables. Hike the trails with friends, attend dance festivals, and enjoy the music. Come here for fishing, boating, jogging, and horseback riding in this exciting Bristol city park.

Plan to visit:-During the holidays be sure to visit Colt State Park in Rhode Island with your family, friends, and kids. Beautiful wildlife, wide open fields, baseball and soccer fields, several cookout sites, and a beach park greet guests. The park is open for visitors throughout the year and you can enter from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM on all seven days of the week. There is no fee to enter here.

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