Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Are you curious about looking at native plants and learning about ecosystems and conservation in Arkansas? Here visit a garden on the shore of Lake Fayetteville, explore the majesty of the region’s only botanical garden in Fayetteville. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is the only botanical garden in Northwest Arkansas consisting of hundreds of native plants, beautiful flowers, shrubs, and sweet fruits to see. The botanical garden encompasses 40 acres area, drew over 70000 visitors a year to explore the collection of themed gardens, a visitor center, and the city’s only butterfly house dedicated to the environment and conservation of plants. Initially, in 1994, the botanical garden of the Ozarks included themed gardens such as the Children’s Garden, the Rose and Perennial Garden, the Four Season Garden, the Rock and Water Garden, and many more. There are many trails for walking and looking at beautiful blossoms and colorful butterflies along the path.


Ozark Native Garden

The Ozark Native garden is one of the themed gardens created to promote native plants. The garden offers an attractive grassy area and a variety of plants to connect the visitors with nature. Ozark Native Garden is blessed with a collection of native species, trails, and tons of shades. You can buy seeds and plants in the primary venue of the garden.

Botanical Garden Events

The botanical garden includes many educational programs, events, and classes on various topics of butterflies, plants, and the ecology of plants. Learn about the behavior of butterflies, edible plants, and medicinal plants in the education programs and events. There are plenty of events, international festivals, and fun evenings in the annual event of Greening of Garden Gala to enjoy the captivating beauty of plants and flowers.


The Butterfly House

The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks has northwest Arkansas’s only butterfly house included in 2007 when the garden opened officially. The Butterfly House includes thousands of butterflies fluttering in the area to create spectacular views. The house dedicates to breeding and display of worldwide butterfly species of vibrant color on the wings. Learn about the behavior of these creatures.


Facts: –

  1. The Botanical Garden covers 40 acres of landmarks is operated by the Botanical Garden Society of the Ozarks.
  2. The garden is a non-profit organization that opened in 2007.

Activities: – The botanical garden of the Ozarks is a fascinating destination for garden lovers, featuring several themed gardens, science learning experiences, and outdoor experiences with programs of Little Sprouts, Butterfly Days, and Earth Days. Learn the region’s history through native stone signs of the garden. The garden hosts exciting field trips and educational programs for visitors. Enjoy picnicking, walking, special ceremony, wedding concerts, and live acts around Lake Fayetteville.

What to Expect: – The botanical garden is home to native plants, serves as Arkansas’s enchanting destination where you can experience unique natural beauty and conservation programs. You can enjoy events, concerts, and science learning throughout the year. Take a walk on trails to enjoy the garden views and the wedding venue along the lakeside for the lake as backdrop scenery in photographs. You can learn about plants, flowers, and butterflies in Butterfly House.

Plan your Visit: – The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is open from 9 am to 5 pm on Friday to Wednesday and closed on Thursday. Check-in for free admission in the garden at the visitor center. Enjoy water fountains, lots of shades, and shopping in gift shops!

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