Mitch Park

Looking for a place where you can take your family for an outing? Mitch Park in Edmond, Oklahoma is spread over 280 acres that give you the opportunity to access and play multiple sports games.

The park features several playgrounds that include basketball courts, pavilions, amphitheater, picnic area, Multiple Activity Center, and sports field. Even the handicapped person can access the facilities here. All the sports fields share a concession stand. With such features of park, it is famous among sportsperson and active players too. It also offers aquatic space for the guests and members. A play zone area is fully dedicated to family and kids where they can have some fun and family time.


Attractions –

  1. Camps – Good news for your kids (5 to 12 yrs) to grab the opportunity of learning skills that are not taught in classes. At Y’s traditional Summer Day Camp they get to be part of mix fun-filled activities to learn honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. The camp is solely focused on supervised activities under our professionals to foster youth development. Remember your days back in school, would you miss out on a chance where you could learn physical involvement, social interaction, educational opportunities, leadership building, personal growth, and creativity? No, right! So there is no reason to keep your child away from such exponential development.


  1. Swim lessons (6montsh and above) – No matter what your age is, either you are 1 or 45 years old you will always hesitate to go down the deep corner, to let go of loosening up your body or float peacefully for hours. One can learn ways to face their doubts while learning the art of swimming. Swimming is not just a physical exercise and Mitch Park understands that. This place is one of the leading parks to get yourself or your kids enrolled and be free of that fear. They also conduct a Youth development swim league, that is designed for advanced swimmers or have competitive stroke skills.


  1. Youth Volleyball and Soccer – Mitch park has repeatedly proven that there is a lot more to your child’s growth than just the schooling. Here they can easily learn real-life values that are hard to even understand in academics. Rather, What is life without sports? Mitch Park YMCA makes sure that to involve sports, training, practice, and skill-set development in Volleyball/Soccer for all the participants. The park is a partner with the Oklahoma City Thunder within their youth basketball league, now called the YMCA Thunder Basketball League.


Facts: With the partnership of YMCA and the City of Edmond an aquatic and recreation center is created at Mitch Park.


Activities: Mitch Park has a bunch of things, activities, and events like fishing classes and dog walk. You can indulge in activities and explore its hidden spots to feel the pleasant and calming spot. The beautiful trails lit up the park with great adventure.


Plan your visit: You can come here on weekdays and make your trip unforgettable. The park opens Monday to Thursday from 5 am to 10 pm, Friday from 5 am to 9 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm. Every Saturday it is closed for the visitors so avoid making plans for this day.


What to Expect: There is an Athletic Complex in Mitch Park where you will find five softball fields, three baseball fields, six football fields, and one adaptive field. For usage of complex, you need to take permission. Several other events and programs are also organized in which you can participate.

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