Paul W Bryant Museum

The primary role of any museum is to engage and educate, for sure it will increase your interest in an area of study, past, ideas, and period. A microcosmic view of every city can be packed in the museum. Also if you are a traveler and you have less time to visit here and there, you can visit a museum to maximize your knowledge of the new city and time. Paul W Bryant Museum was founded in 1985, in memories with special emphasis on the legendary coach Bear Bryant. It is located at 300 Paul W Bryant Dr, Tuscaloosa, the campus of the University of Alabama. The museum exhibits one of the most fascinating artifacts and memorabilia dedicated to the famous football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant.


Attraction – 

  1. Wall of Honor & Coach Bryant’s Office – Here you will find, all his 38 years of life on the Wall of Honor. Get ready to get inspired by the video touchscreen wall highlights of Bryant’s teams and players. Remember how former players use to describe the vibe they felt in Coach Bryant’s office, now you can feel it yourself. A model of his office is available for the museum’s guests.


  1. The Crystal Hat & The Tide Through Time – Everyone carries a style that becomes a part of their identity, Bryant loved his hat. At the museum, there is a wonderful display of a Waterford crystal replica of his hat. It is as if you will see it in real, created by the famous acclaimed sculptor Miroslav. You will notice the history and tradition of the crimson tide display in the stunning exhibits. It captures his entire journey from the beginning with his first team in 1982. You will learn more about his actual life here with recorded and displayed tales from the people that knew him, the places he went and lived in, and events that laid the foundation of this team today.


  1. Crimson Tide Moments from the Broadcast Booth – In those days everybody felt close to their team not via TV but using radio. The creator of exhibits with a humble heart pays tributes to those broadcasters.



  1. Well, the man was loved, so is the museum. It registers the largest ever attendance of 4,367 visitors in 2017. It was in connection with a football game in a school that also saw a huge gathering of 92,138 fans.
  2. Paul W Bryant Museum is in the University of Alabama Museums. If you are here you can also enjoy the University of Alabama Arboretum, Alabama Museum of Natural History, Discovering Alabama, Gorgas House, the Moundville Archaeological Museum, and Office of Archaeological Research.


Activities: Museum displays its unique exhibits with different themes. It includes a wall of honor, the tide through time, the crystal hat, and much more about the old-time players who laid the foundation for today’s team.


Plan your Visit: General opening timings of Paul W Bryant Museum is Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm. On remaining weekdays and major holidays, it remains closed. You need to buy the tickets for entry to the museum. An online reservation system is also available. For adults, the tickets cost $2, and for children and senior citizens above 60, the ticket costs $1.


What to Expect: The museum exhibits plenty of artifacts and memorabilia defining the history of University of Alabama football. All the displays at the museum highlight the players and games related to Albama Athletes.

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