World War II Memorial Park

The World War II Memorial Park in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, is a public recreation area established in 1960. Spread over 14 acres of land, the park features a baseball field, basketball court, playground, performance stage as well as picnic tables, and a veterans memorial. This memorial park full of exciting things attracts millions of people every year. Make sure to visit this place during your visit where you will find plenty of entertainment options.


Sports In Memorial Park

In this park, where you see all the exciting things related to World War II, you can also enjoy playing many types of games here. These sports mainly include volleyball courts and tennis, baseball, basketball, and many more. Spend time here in the summer where you’ll find a great splash pad along with a playground.


Natural areas of this park

It is quite enjoyable to visit this wonderful park in Rhode Island during your vacation. Enjoy unique views of the beautiful natural environment here. Take a 4.1-mile loop trail and a very short nature hike. The time to visit here is during the summer. Also, check out the splash pad here which is open from June to September depending on the season. Explore the 7.1-kilometer Loop Area of the Park which is popular for hiking as well as birding and snowshoeing.

Events of world war ii memorial park

There are always spectacular events and performances, celebrations, festivals, and events taking place here. One of these events is the AutumnFest event that the park organizes every year. The festival is characterized by the best performance, food, and entertainment for the visitors.


  1. The park, located on land known as the Social Flat, hosts the three-day Autumn festival that takes place annually.
  2. $2.6 million was provided by the Department of Environmental Management to improve facilities at this historic park.

Activities:- Memorial Park welcomes guests with outdoor activity areas and playgrounds, a splash park, and a little league baseball field. This place full of entertainment also introduces tourists to special programs and schemes. Enjoy performances, food, and a variety of entertainment at the three-day autumn fest here. At this iconic site, you get a chance to relive the important events and experiences of the war. Plus the memory and courage of American heroes provide an exciting insight into the nation’s past.

What to expect : A visit to the World War II Memorial Park is one of the best local tours in historical tourism that offers a quality you won’t find anywhere else. There are activities for adults as well as children where children can be seen squealing and laughing with joy. You must bring towels and sunscreen for the children on the beach. This is a lovable place and children do not leave this place easily. You can also visit a national monument here which is a World War II memorial dedicated to Americans who served in the civilian and armed forces.

Plan to visit:-For an ideal outing for the whole family, make sure to visit this popular World War II Memorial Park in Woonsocket. It remains open throughout the year for visiting guests. From Saturday to Friday, you can enter here from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. The parking here is free and the entry is available on the basis of the season pass.

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