Bachelor Ski & Sports

Just 20 miles away from Bend, visit one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Bachelor Ski Resort & sports, in central Oregon. Mount Bachelor is the iconic icy spot for winter sports, shining in the sunlight. Mt. Bachelor was discovered in 1958 by Bill Healy. After discovering, he was interested in shaping the path of Mt. Bachelor and Central Oregon with the combined decisions of many other founders. The resort opened in 1958, featured snow-capped peaks, beautiful vista of the Deschutes River. Mt. Bachelor offers high-speed lifts, cruising runs, major steeps in bowl, open space for skiing, skiable trees for tree skiing and power skiing on the mountain, a family-friendly atmosphere, rock climbing, and summer resort facilities for visitors. It is also a popular destination for novices and intermediates to improve their skills. Learn about winter ecology, geology, and the history of Oregon, and snowboarding lessons to take part in various competitions.


Mt. Bachelor Ski Terrain

Mount Bachelor is the crown of Bend providing 4300 acres of skiable terrain, numerous easy and challenging runs, vertical drop, and hazy weather conditions. Mt. Bachelor is a great place for skiing, rock climbing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and playing with dry powdery snow. The mount provides an ultimate fun experience that everyone is searching for that also maximizes adventure on ski terrain in spring.

Mt. Bachelor Trails & Lifts

The area is home to dozens of ground trails and chairlifts of Oregon, allowing a tour of the snowy mount. Trails offer paved paths for walking, downhill mountain biking, hiking, and plenty of bike races through the way of unique trails. Ride the lift up to the top of Mt. Bachelor for breathtaking views of the mount, river, and great restaurant at both top and bottom of lifts.

Mt. Bachelor Bike Park

The bike park is a world-class adventure for racers and passionate riders. Bike Park hosts a bike race on Friday night, featuring extreme tracks with cross-country trails to enjoy when visiting Central Oregon. Join the race to appreciate your abilities. There are plenty of daring and challenging unsanctioned tracks for mountain bikers through downhill-oriented trails. Mt. Bachelor Bike Park is an ideal destination for thrill-seekers.



  1. Mount Bachelor has 4318 acres of skiable area at 5700 feet elevation.
  2. The average annual snowfall at mount is 462 inches.


Activities: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort is popular for the best summer and winter adventure. The resort offers opportunities for zip lining, downhill mountain biking, hiking, dining, sightseeing, camping, and majestic sunset views. Join for a bike race, white water rafting, golfing, training of ski and snowboards, outdoor obstacle program. Enjoy lift riding, lots of winter sports such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, snow tubing, dog sledding through the forest. Explore steep and fast zip-lining tours to overcome the fear of heights.


What to Expect: Feel the chilly winds at ski terrain on Mount Bachelor. Enjoy the cascades of snow, alpine sports, hiking trails, skiable area, wildlife sightings, restaurants, and craft breweries. You can stay at luxurious lodges and take a walk and bike ride for Mt. Bachelor Village from downtown Bend. Learn free ride ski, snowboard, cross-country ski at the mountain for a variety of events and programs. You can experience a summer bike race, brew festival, zip line adventure, and a scenic walk on trails.


Plan Your Visit: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort is open all year round for outdoor enthusiasts. You can come here from 10 am to 7 pm and take the opportunity for an enormous adventure. The mountain of famous for its freestyle skiing, updated amenities, snowboarding, and Nordic skiing in the snow of Central Oregon. Enjoy flying over open bowls to create a long-lasting fun memory in freezing temperatures.

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