Cheshire Children’s Museum

Ready for an outing to an educational and entertainment spot with kids? In New Hampshire, there is a museum named “Cheshire Children’s Museum” which features interactive fun for toddlers, younger, and their families. For children and families, the museum is a play-based museum that includes many areas of working fields, crafts, and playing the instrument to learn. Cheshire Children’s Museum is an all-in-one spot in the country that features an events room, a space station to know about the solar system, a kids-sized store filled with various play food, the latest community news to reports and anchoring opportunities, repair shops for young mechanics, and child-play in which they are artists. There is a post office where kids learn to weigh packaging and deliver mail, and food trucks to be a chef who takes the order, prepares food, and serves the finest dishes. Explore large magnetic walls and learn the scientific reason behind the force, motion, and their effect causes and gravitational pulls. There are many meaningful game zones to encourage kids to expand their imagination and curiosity for science, history, technology, and each field of work and real-life scenarios to solve.



Artist Corner

 With a variety of art project, the artist corner of the museum creates new art with art materials and allow young artists to participate and explore techniques and diverse mediums for expressing creativity. The Artist Corner appreciates amateur artists developing skills and abstract thinking with new art projects every day at the museum.

NH Cog Railway

Be a conductor or passenger! The museum creates rail tracks where children ring the bell, run rails, are a conductor, and roll train cars over the bridge or around the curves. NH Cog Railway offers a fascinating world of trains to immerse, gather to play, and chug up to the mountain for adventure.

A Day on the Lake Exhibit

 The museum offers an exciting exhibit that includes a fishing pole, native wildlife, and tropical fish to spot. The Exhibit offers paddling on the boat. Hop in the boat and watch other visitors pass by and enjoy photography. Show your talent for clicking the best photos of all time at the museum.

Mini New Hampshire State Park

 Explore the land and lake region, and enjoy camping and walking in the fresh air. Go fishing, canoeing, tracking, and camping. Visitors can enjoy sitting around the fire, picnicking, and admiring the natural beauty of the mini-park.

Facts: –

  1. Cheshire Children’s Museum was established in 2012, welcoming more than 86000 visitors throughout the year.
  2. Cheshire Children’s Museum is a toddler-friendly spot that includes themed play areas to provide education about each working field to help them to learn and grow.

Activities: – The Children’s Museum has creative exhibits, play zones of all types for pets, construction, post office, food trucks, railways, water, bank, school house, space station, airplane displays, and recycling station to learn about the process of recycling, artists corner to express emotions and creativity with their finest skills. Experience high-quality artistic performances and enjoy a free breakfast, passing over the musical bridge. Learn to imagine anything is possible and enhance the curiosity of exploring new facts. Explore the solar system and discover new technologies at the museum.

What to expect: – Cheshire Children’s Museum is a world-class destination for kids and adults in New Hampshire to learn while playing new exciting games. You can expand your knowledge through immersive exhibits with touching, sighting, listening, and reading. Ascend into the sky for a space mission with fellow astronauts and collect information about the solar system with the telescope and interactive walls. Kids can learn social skills in a child-sized store filled with realistic play food to engage in creative play. Enjoy hands-on fun at the race car track and observe animal X-ray.

Plan your visit: –You can come here all year round from Wednesday to Saturday. The museum opens from 10 am to 12 pm or 1 pm to 5 pm on Wednesday to Friday and 9 am to 12 pm or 1-4 pm on Saturday and is closed from Sunday to Tuesday. Experience the work of doctors, and artis

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