Wonderland Amusement Park

Out of all the plans on how to spend your holiday or weekends, one of the unique experiences is going to an Amusement Park. Every park has a distinctive enjoyment in itself. There are exhilarating rides, savory food outlets, and one thing we fail to notice it offers an experience for people of all ages. Wonderland Amusement Park is located at 2601 Dumas Dr, Amarillo. With more than 30 rides, this impressive park has something for everyone to enjoy. In 1969 numerous new rides were added that attracted people of all ages. Amusement parks open up people in different ways, everyone at the park is in a happy mode. The strong vibe is good for you and the people you love when you come to Wonderland Amusement Park. You will laugh a little louder, connect deeper and develop a special bond with them.



Attractions –

  1. Coasters and Thrill Rides Spin-O-Saurus – One of the most enjoyable rides at Wonderland Amusement Park is the spin o-Saurus-roller coaster in the West End. With so many enthralling twists and turns you will be rejuvenated again. It is rated one of the uppermost steel rollers coasters in America. When you reach the top, make sure to enjoy the view followed by the thrill of free-falling 10 stories in the blink of an eye on the Drop of Fear!


  1. Water Rides and Sliders thunder jet racers – The tickling in your stomach won’t stop till you reach the bottom of the water slides. Get ready to indulge in fear, excitement, thrill, and courage from the moment you start till the time it ends. These rides are safe and are monitored by professionals and guards. Water Rides and Sliders thunder jet racers at Wonderland Amusement Park are going to win your heart. Splash your way to glide on this first-of-its-kind long ride especially designed for this park. This will be your favorite summer ride.


  1. Family Classic Games and Mini golf – Family Classic Games and Mini gold – Wonderland Amusement Park is ready to sublet a wide variety to pick from when you want to make a memorable experience. Select from the list of games you want to play with your family. When you need to relax and enjoy the time by yourself, opt for mini-golf. This sport is as good as meditating.



  1.  Amusement Today voted Wonderland Amusement Park as the 2009 Park of the Year.
  2. The park offers the best time for the family to relax and connect for 67 years.


Activities: Wonderland Amusement Park is a great place for family fun at a reasonable cost. It holds various top-rated steel roller coasters, water rides, children’s rides, and attractions for the guests. The plenty of rides available at this park can engage you for the whole day. Additionally, at the park, there is a miniature golf field and games available for the visitors.


Plan your visit: On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the park opens from 6:30 to 9:30. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens from 1 am to 10 pm. Avoid visiting on Monday and Tuesday because it is closed these days. Make sure to reserve and purchase the ticket online from the website.


What to Expect: At the park, you can enjoy everything from the thrilling rides to plenty of games and water rides. Not only kids even adults get the opportunity to take a break from daily life and live a happy joyful day.

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