Troy Hill the Funplex

A popular amusement park in Parsippany, the Funplex is full of rides and fun activities that boost health and energy in the body. The Funplex is a family fun water park to choose your favorite ride and game to play with kids, friends, parents, and siblings, providing value to your time while in the park. Enjoy everything the Funplex offers to guests: extreme water activities, fun games, and summer events. The park features coin-operated games designed to play, go-karts, bumper cars, and a 4-D theatre that offers plenty of movies with high-quality sound and sensory lighting effects to experience. There are several other games and opportunities to play bowling, ride on a Ferris wheel, laser tags, and event venues to host your wedding ceremony and special occasions in the park.


Water Slides

The water park name suggests that there are multiple water activities and games on the water to freely flow from slides to swimming in the pool. The park installed many water slides, directly dropping you into the swimming pool with lots of scream and fun. The swimming pool and its water slides are the best choices for a thrill-seeker. Take a plunge on water slides and relax in the lazy water.

Bowling Center

 The Funplex has an interactive set of bowling and many bowling lanes to play bowling and learn the rules or tricks of the games. The bowling center offers many balls rolling towards the pins, an ideal game for thinking, conversation, parties, and small gatherings of friends. Test your swing techniques and tricks of spinning balls on weekends! The bowling center offers a must-try experience and ensures the entertainment of each guest.

Ferris wheel & 4-D Theatre

 With an upright wheel, the Ferris wheel is one of the favorite amusement rides of all parks of the world, which provides multiple passengers carrying capacity. The Ferris wheel of the park offers several rides for all ages to enjoy once in a lifetime. The amusement park includes a theater for visitors to experience cinematic multi-sensory effects of lighting and sound.

 Facts: –

  1. The Funplex is one of the most popular water parks in Parsippany, New Jersey.
  2. The Funplex contains a 4-D theatre, arcade games, and water pools for visitors.

Activities: – The Funplex of Parsippany is a premiere family fun spot and entertainment venue that everyone loves to visit and play games. Enjoy the delightful events of summer and winter seasons for the best experience in one of the state’s top amusement parks. The water park has award-winning water play structures like slides and plays pools to spend hours with kiddos. The park includes amusement rides on the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, gaming spots like a bowling center, and swimming in the water. Hit the ball to the pin spots and take enough rounds for the perfect strike. The 4-D theatre offers excellent visual effects that create a realistic feeling of being a part of the movie through the 4-D theatre of the park.

What to expect: – The Funplex is a popular spotlight in the city, where visitors can play in the water and along water slides. You can play bowling at the bowling center, which offers many lanes, game balls, and background music. The park is a spacious location for water lovers, gamers, and learners who want to learn new activities and indoor gaming skills for entertainment. You can watch movies in the 4-D theatre, laser tags, and go-karts at the park. The amusement park includes many modern and antique arcade games selected for you to play and have a fun time.

Plan your visit: – you can come here all year round at different times from 4-9 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 12-10 pm on Friday, 10 am to 10 pm on Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm on Sunday, and close on Monday and Tuesday. Experience the arcade game that takes you to another world, and water opportunities like swimming and sliding from water slides.

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