Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Coming to the zoo gives you a special kind of pleasure from animal exposure. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is all about experiencing the wonders of the natural world, carousel rides, and a great family lunch. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is America’s only mountain zoo at an elevation of 6714 feet located southwest of Colorado spring on Colorado Cheyenne Mountain. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is home to more than 750 animals, 150 different species, and more than 30 endangered species. It houses animals including monkeys, bears, hippos, tigers, and one of the largest herds of giraffes in the world. Inside the Zoo, you get the opportunity to see the wildlife exhibits. Here Scutes Family Gallery features over 40 species of reptiles in an artistic environment and a separate snake space. Here you get the chance to see some of the rare animals such as black-footed ferrets, mountain tapirs, and Mexican gray wolves.


Animal Exhibits

There are different areas for animals titled as African Rift Valley, Asian Highlands, and Australia Walkabout. African Rift Valley showcases North America’s largest giraffe herds to the visitors. In the Australia Walkabout exhibit, discover the unique Matschie tree kangaroo, and emu. On the other hand, the Asian Highlands embraces some of the most exclusive cats, Amur tigers, Pallas’ cats, and Amur leopard.

Mountaineer Sky Ride

Mountaineer Sky Ride is an open-air and ski lift-style ride above mountain goats, grizzly bears, and Amur tiger exhibits. Mountaineer sky ride gives you the best view of Cheyenne Zoo, Cheyenne Mountain, and Colorado Springs. You must experience it while visiting the zoo. You can take a mountain sky ride in both up and down directions to see spectacular views of the zoo. Admire breathtaking vistas, kids’ playgrounds, and bouldering walls while moving in the sky-high altitude.

Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

Will roger Shrine is a building just above Cheyenne Mountain Zoo named after Will Roger. It is a 100 feet shrine and five-story tower constructed without nails or wood. It gives the panoramic look of Colorado Springs and the Garden of Gods. The shrine houses various cultural attractions in which a 340-square-foot mural by renowned Santa Fe artist Randall Davey is popular.


  1. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is at an elevation of 6714 feet above sea level.
  2. The Zoo houses endangered animals such as mountain tapirs and Mexican gray wolves.



Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is home to America’s mountain zoo with breathtaking views of the city. You can come here to see the uniquely designed zoo’s animal exhibits and wild adventures. They offer you to feed one of the largest giraffe herds in the world and hippos. You can take the ride of an antique carousel and mountain rides in the zoo. Mountain sky ride makes your visit a lifetime unforgettable experience.


What to Expect

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers new experiences to everyone through comprehensive education programs, exciting conservation efforts, and interactive animal experiences. The zoo offers new exhibits and daily events to attract more visitors. To enjoy the daily special event you have to make early reservations because due to high demand everyone cannot get the opportunity.


Plan Your Visit

You can visit Cheyenne Mountain Zoo all year round. This is a perfect destination for animal lovers. It is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily. To visit the zoo it is advised to make an advance booking including the children below 2 years. As the entry is subject to tickets and it may be sold out quickly on popular days.

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