Vermont Granite Museum

The Vermont Granite Museum is a historic museum located in Barre, Vermont, USA, that opened in 1895. Mainly this museum is dedicated to the processing industry and granite quarrying. The museum aims to create an interactive and stimulating environment for learning about the unique granite heritage art, technology, history and art, cultural heritage, and capabilities of geosciences. This exciting museum attracts millions of people every year. Make sure to visit here to make your trip exciting.



Events of Museum

Variety of programs are offered to visitors throughout the year in the museum building. You can attend seminars, meetings, and community and corporate group cocktail receptions here. Watch the wedding ceremony, wedding reception, birthday party, and presentation and decide to attend here. Apart from this, business programs can also be allowed here. Take a tour of the museum with the whole family.

Exhibition of Vermont Granite Museum

There is a great collection of granite displays that have been created by great artists are on display at the museum. It is quite interesting to watch the performance here. Sculptures, transport, harvesting, and many other things are depicted. Here in the exhibition you will also see demonstrations of labor struggles and labor unions and huge pieces of granite being transported by train. The new idol is beautifully carved by Chris Miller in this museum which looks very attractive.

Natural areas of the museum

The view of the beautiful granite monument amidst the serene and lush green natural surroundings is quite breathtaking. Stroll and go hiking in a large meadow out front. Be it the collection or the exhibits, the knowledge of the industry or the display of skills, or the atmosphere here, a wonderful travel experience of all kinds is found in the Granite Museum. Do not forget to bring a camera along to make the trip a memorable one.



  1. This museum with a granite processing facility is spread over 6 hectares of land and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on 26 April 2002.
  2. The Stone Arts School, administered by the museum, is an educational institution for aspiring sculptors.

Activities:-The Vermont Granite Museum welcomes everyone with fun activities for all ages. From visiting the museum to knowing about each and everything is available here. Many spectacular events are also organized here throughout the year. A variety of interactive displays are used here for the guests. The struggle of granite cutters, grain workers, and granite carvers can be seen in the exhibition. Check out an engaging storyboard on “Spanish Influenza”. Plan a holiday trip to visit this stunning museum in Barre.


What to expect:- This museum welcomes you to discover the heritage of Vermont’s granite industry, along with school, community, camping, and bus tour groups. This museum provides an engaging learning experience for everyone, be it a child, a teenager, or an adult. If you’re curious to learn about Vermont’s granite industry, be sure to visit the local cemetery. Hands-on demonstrations are here for the kids which they find quite engaging. This children’s exhibit showcases an incredible sculpture collection and a wonderful view of the art created by stone carving and processing.

Plan to visit:- Make sure to visit this place with your family and friends to discover the science of granite at this amazing museum in Barre. The museum is open to its visitors throughout the year. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and is closed on Sunday and Monday. Admission is $4 for children, $8 for adults, $6 for seniors, and $18 for families.

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