Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament

Give yourself to the lifetime of bravery and honor to witness one of the rawest experiences of epic battles of steel. At Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament, you will feel so lively that there will be more fun and excitement than ever before. You will be amazed by the awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry. This is the perfect place to update your social media with photos that everyone want to post. Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament is located at 2001 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL. When you are here don’t forget to have the delicious 4-course, utensil-free meal served in a castle-like space.


Horsemanship and Falconry


The art of hunting wild quarries in their natural habitat using a trained bird is Falconry. Live at Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament to enjoy some special moments. Another activity that will attract you here is horsemanship i.e. is the art of riding, handling, and training the horses. All the riders at this place set a high standard of horsemanship as you will be surprised to witness the control on animal’s direction, gait, and speed with maximum effectiveness with fewer efforts.





  1. How do you hold your seat at the live show of Jousting? Well, there is no way to it. There is a sporting contest, in which two opponents on horseback fights with lances are enough to leave you excited. You will go throw a roller coaster of emotion from anxious to excited as you witness this show at Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament.


4-course meal


Get ready to be served one of the most delicious foods of your lifetime. The 4-course meal fit for royalty serves you “Dining with the Queen”, “Libation and spirits” and “Queen’s vegetarian meals”. This will be one of the most memorable meals you will have with your loved ones.



  • Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament is located at 10 different places in the US.
  • This event was founded on 20th December 1983.
  • Headquarters to the Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament is at Irving, Texas, United States
  • Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament is owned by a private company.



Apart from experiencing the show at any other place you are going to experience something different at Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament. You can enjoy the most exciting sword fights with your meal at this place.  Medieval Time Dinner and Tournament is a family dinner theater that features a lot of amazing activities under one roof.


What to expect


You can upgrade your experience by choosing from any of the packages offered here from the Queen’s Royalty package, Celebration Package, and Royalty Package. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or hanging out with friends, the group gets more. You can check all the package details of this Medieval times dinner and the tournament at its website. The staff here is full of passion to provide you with genuine hospitality and exciting entertainment.


Plan a visit


Chicago Castle is now open for visitors, get your admission to this place at $63.95(adults) and $36.95(for children under 12). You can also book this place for special events like birthdays, or celebrate medieval lifestyle with your closed ones. Discounted tickets are provided for visitors that belong to the military.

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